First Presbyterian Church
One Symphony Circle, Buffalo, NY
In the Allentown Local and Federal Historic Districts

First Presbyterian Church - Official Web Site


Illustrated History

James Napora,
History of the First Presbyterian Church 

Bruce A. McCausland, 1887-2012 History of the First Presbyterian Church

Bruce A. McCausland, "Old First" Presbyterian Church 1851 Tower Bell






Galleries and Choir Loft  Includes Tiffany Studios geometric stained glass window

Hindman Chapel

Tiffany chandelier

Stained glass windows:

New Jerusalem Tiffany Studios

Communion  Tiffany Studios

Christ the King   Tiffany Studios

Resurrection Tillinghast Studios

In My House Are Many Mansions   Tillinghast Studios

Ascension Ford Company

Pastoral Scenes  Unidentified

See also:

KCA, First Presbyterian Church 

James Napora, Richmond / Elmwood

James Napora, Richmond / Elmwood   Illustrations added

Symphony Circle - Table of Contents

Buffalo's Houses of Worship on the Internet - Table of Contents

Special thanks to Dr. David Bond, Business Manager, Choirmaster and Organist, for his cooperation and assistance in 2003
and to 
Business Manager Christina Trachtenberg for her cooperation in 2010.
Photos and their arrangement 2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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