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Mrs. G. K. Birge Dies in Paris Apartment
Services for Philanthropist and Widow of Industrialist to Be Held Here.

The Buffalo Evening News November 3, 1932

Mrs. George K. Birge
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Word of the death Wednesday in Paris of Mrs. George K. Birge, 79, of 25 Richmond Avenue, native Buffalonian and widow of the late George K. Birge, one of the leading figures in the Pan-American exposition of 1901, was received here Wednesday by friends. Death followed an illness of several years.

Failing rapidly during the last week, Mrs. Birge died in her apartment at 26 Avenue Foch. With her at the time of her death were Miss Caroline M. Birge, her granddaughter, Miss Humphrey Birge, daughter-in-law, and Mr. and Mrs. Langdon B. Wood, all of Buffalo.

Prior to returning the body to this country for burial, funeral services sere to be held Thursday in the Avenue Foch apartment, where Mrs. Birge lived when she was not in Monte Carlo, and where, because of her failing health, she spent most of her time during the last six years.

Services Planned in Home

Services in Buffalo will be held in the family home in the Circle and burial will be in the Birge mausoleum in Forest Lawn cemetery Mrs. Birge, who was known both as a philanthropist and as a patron of the arts, had spent very little time in Buffalo during recent years. Following the death of her husband in 1918, she established homes in Palm Springs, and Pasadena, California., where she lived until going abroad.

Mrs. Birge was the daughter of James M. Humphrey and Adeline Bowen of Buffalo, and before her marriage was Miss Carrie Humphrey. She was born in Buffalo Nov. 5, 1853, and was married to Mr. Birge on Sept. 5, 1878. Mr. Birge conducted a wall paper manufacturing plant under his name and was engaged in numerous other enterprises. He was one of a group of leading citizens who fostered the Pan-American exposition.

Aided University Here

The University of Buffalo is one of many Buffalo organizations which have benefited from Mrs. Birge's gifts. Her philanthropy extended to many fields. The Buffalo General hospital, the Children's hospital and the Millard Fillmore hospital also benefited from her gifts. In Pasadena she built and endowed an addition to the Dr. Barlow clinic for the treatment of tuberculosis.

Students and artists also received Mrs. Birge's aid. She had a wide knowledge of art, literature, and music. The magnificent home in the Circle is a repository for many rare treasures.

In addition to these philanthropies, Mrs. Birge was interested in the French war funds. Following the World war, she did much to aid widows and orphans of France.

Mrs. Birge is survived by one son. Humphrey Birge, who is president of the M. H. Birge & Sons Wall Paper company, and seven grandchildren. Mr. Wood is vice president of the Buffalo concern.

The Buffalo News, November 24, 1932
Funeral Rites Conducted for Mrs. George K. Birge

Sacred and classical organ music Friday marked funeral services for Mrs. George K. Birge, local patron of music, who died two months ago in Paris where she had resided for the past six years. Services were conducted by Episcopal Bishop Cameron J. Davis in the Birge residence at The Circle and North street.

Since both Mrs. Birge and the late Mr. Birge were generous patrons of music, the Friday organ music played by Seth Clark, choirmaster of the Trinity Episcopal church, was considered a fitting tribute. Included in Mr. Clark's renditions were "Abide With Me," "Lead Kindly Light" and the F minor fantasie of Chopin.

Funeral services for Mrs. Birge were held in her apartment in Paris following her death. Her body was cremated in Buffalo Friday, the ashes placed in a bronze receptacle and placed in the Birge Mausoleum in the Forest Lawn cemetery. Mr. Birge was an organist and author of the Cornell University Glee Club song. Following her husband's death, Mrs. Birge moved to California and made her residence at Palm Springs. About six years ago she disposed of her California home and took an apartment in Paris. She also maintained a home on the Riviera.

Mrs. Birge is survived by one son, Humphrey Birge, of 800 West Ferry street, and seven grandchildren.

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