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Saint Stanislaus RC Church
123 Townsend St., Buffalo, NY 1412
St. Stanislaus RC Church - Official Website


James Napora, History of  St. Stanislaus RC Church

James Napora, Joseph Bork and St. Stanislaus Church

Emerson Barr, Very Rev. Dean John Pitass Monument and Polish History in Buffalo  

Exterior photos


Stained glass windows: 


East Transept

West Transept

East Nave

West Nave

Rose window

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Józef Sławiński Artist

Polish-American History in Buffalo

Buffalo's Houses of Worship on Buffalo as an Architectrural Museum

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Special thanks to Pastor Fr. Thaddeus Bocianowski for his cooperation in 2011
Photos and their arrangement © 2011  Chuck LaChiusa
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