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Roman Triumphal Arch
Orange, Provence, France

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Triumphal Arch

Coffered soffit ... Engaged Corinthian columns

Coffered soffit

Triangular pediment ... Modillions ... Dentils ... Engaged Corinthian columns

Moldings: dentils ... leaf-and-dart ... egg-and-dart

Engaged Corinthian column

Sea image to demonstrate Roman supremacy over the sea.

Roman Triumphal Arch

Roman triumphal arch in Orange (in Provence) commemorates the first conflict between Romans and Celts in France. Julius Caesar in 49BC built the arch. In 25 A.D. it was redecorated by Tiberius. Dimensions: 90 m. long, 18 m. high, 8 m. wide. The Second Legion built city baths, temples, circus.

Features: Three arches; rosettes, tympanum; images of the sea to demonstrate Roman supremacy of the sea.

The ornamentation is Greek, but the basic arch structure is Roman. Rocks were so perfectly cut that mortar was unnecessary.

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