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Vatican Museums

Vatican City, Italy

The official residence of the popes since 1377. Born from two 5th-century villas near St. Peter's, the complex is primarily the work of the Renaissance popes Pope Nicholas V (1447-1455) to Pope Paul III (1534-1549) who built the papal seat into the jewel it is today (these promoters of the arts were also possibly the most corrupt popes ever to hold the office).

Visitors can wander among the suites of past popes and tour numerous separate museums (collectively known as the Vatican Museums).

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Spiral staircase

Floor mosaic

Floor mosaic - fret design

Floor mosaic

Floor mosaic - Medusa at bottom

17th century (?) inlaid marble specimen table

Detail - inlaid marble specimen table

Marble sarcophagus

Marble sarcophagus

Marble sarcophagus

Marble sarcophagus


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