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Todd House
Corner of 4th and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA
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Carpenters' Company member.  (See Carpenters' Hall)
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In 1793, just two years after moving into this corner row house, John Todd, along with an estimated 4,000 other Philadelphians, died of yellow fever.

The following year, his widow, Dolley, married the influential, but shy, Virginia Congressman, James Madison. Madison later became the 4th President of the United States.

- Excerpts of National Park Service sign on the site
Todd's house, a solidly middle-class dwelling furnished in muted Quaker fashion, revealed the life station of a young lawyer whose star was in ascension. Though he had wealthier neighbors such as Bishop White who built elegant mansions, Todd had poorer neighbors too, living in crowded, tiny two-story dwellings. In fact, an outline of a privy which the Todds may have shared with some these neighbors is in the backyard...

The retiring Madison had 17 years on Dolley. He had been burned in love by one Kitty Floyd who broke off their engagement leaving him humiliated and gun shy. (Before his death, Madison inked out all references of Miss Kitty in his personal papers.) Initially, Dolley had doubts about the overly-modest Madison. Yet, in the end love won the day and the pair were married in 1794. Dolley went on to serve as a de facto first lady for the widowed Thomas Jefferson in 1801, and as first lady during Madison's two terms...

Before remodeling by the park service, a soda fountain operated on this site. They served Dolley Madison ice cream.

- USHistory.org (June 2011)

Georgian style. Details below:

Pediment with decorative dentils ..... Door surround features ears (shoulders) .....  Flemish bond brickwork

12 over 12 lights ..... Course  .....   Flemish bond brickwork

Header and stretcher bricks ..... The silver color of the headers occurred on bricks placed close to the wall of the kiln. In effect, these were overbaked.

Note two  belt courses.

Pediment with decorative dentils ..... Door surround features ears (shoulders) .....  Flemish bond brickwork

Photos and their arrangement 2011 Chuck LaChiusa
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