John Fougeron House
519 Washington Street, Buffalo NY
Research by Michael Riester and Kevin S. Doyle

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Historic photo

Italianate style on both the Fougeron House (center) and the house to the right

The Fougeron Family were early French pioneers of this city (Fougeron Street was named after them). John Fougeron is listed as one of the original members of St. Louis Church. He worked at the F. Zinnisz Co.

In 1853 John Fougeron lived at 519 Washington Street (then numbered 375 Washington). The house was built 1850-1854.

Mary Fougeron

In 1855, Mary Fougeron is listed as the widow of John. In 1884, Mrs. Mary A Fougeron is listed at the address operating a stamping and embroidering business.

In 1903, Mary is listed as living at 127 Niagara Street.

Photos and their arrangement 2007 Chuck LaChiusa
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