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Buffalo's Waterfront: A Guidebook
Edited by Timothy Tielman
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Sample Entry: Huron Cement Elevator

This elevator, unlike the St. Mary's complex downriver, was built in 1928 expressly to handle cement. Tall, reinforced concrete cylinders are an economical way to store a variety of commodities, not just grain.

The structural cement for Orchard Park's Rich Stadium, Niagara Falls's Convention Center, and Buffalo's Marine Midland Center (now HSBC Center), M & T Plaza, and Main Place Mall was supplied by Huron Cement.

Cement is drawn for shipment by truck or bagging from the bottoms of the bins by a basement screw conveyor system which has six openings for each bin. This allows for rapid refilling of the packaging and bulk storage bins. Bags are filled to 84-pound weight by an automatic packer.

An adjacent steel tower, 85 feet high, is a bulk loading station and is designed to load a truck in three minutes.

The complex is on Ohio Street on the south bank of the Buffalo River.

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