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Charles Larkin House
175 Windsor Avenue, Buffalo, NY


Wood & Bradney
First occupants:
1914-18 Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Larkin
Second occupants: 1918-22 Mr. & Mrs. Walter B. Robb


Colonial Revival



Charels Larkin bio beneath illustrations

Main entrance on north side of house
"The gates may have been original to Larkland - the fence I doubt.  The gates that are at 175 Windsor now may well have been at the Rumsey Rd. entrance to the driveway of 107Lincoln Pkwy. A photograph that I have of the front gate of 107 Lincoln Pkwy seems to show iron gates there.  There were no gates at the sidewalk entrance to 160 Windsor, where I lived, nor do I remember them at 176 Windsor.  I'm sure there were no gates at 175 Windsor.  There was no need for fencing on the block because of the stone wall, and I never remember a fence at 175 Windsor." - Dan Larkin, author of John D. Larkin: A Business Pioneer, Pub. by Western New York Wares, 1998

Wrought iron designed and executed by Jones Iron Work?

Onondaga limestone ..... Doric/Tuscan columns

Rectangular bay window above main entry on north (left) side of house

Dentils under cornice

South (right) side of house

Charles ("Charlie") Larkin:

Consultant: Martin Wachadlo

Photos and their arrangement 2004 Chuck LaChiusa
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