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1. An elevated section of the seating area of a building for public worship or auditorium
2. An elevated area, interior or exterior, e.g., minstrel gallery, music gallery, roof gallery
3. A long, covered area acting as a corridor
4. A room (or building), top lit, used for the display of art works

An upper story running along the side of a building and open on one side to the interior.

In a church (basilica) above the side aisles, over the ambulatory (central-plan building) and also over the west end. In the illustration above, the gallery is in the transept.

The gallery was used to keep certain groups of worshippers apart (women, noblemen).


A railing of brass or wood or a raised rim

The Romans also used a small table similar to the Greek tripod table. Satyr, goat, or lion legs rested on a plinth or base that stabilized the weight of the tabletop.

Roman tripod tables incorporated a practical improvement over Greek designs - a raised edge or gallery followed the circumference of the top, preventing the wine-filled amphora from failing over the side.

- Treena Crochet, Designer's Guide to Furniture" 2004, p. 135

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