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Baroque style:  "Oeil-de-boeuf, also œil de bœuf, (French, "bull's eye") is a term applied to a relatively small oval window, typically for an upper storey, and sometimes set on a roof slope as a dormer, or above a door to give light. Windows of this type are commonly found in the grand architecture of Baroque France. The term is also so often applied to similar round windows that this must be considered part of the usage. It is sometimes anglicized as an "ox-eye window". The term initially applied to horizontal oval windows, but is also used for vertical ones." - Wikipedia (online October 2014)

Colonial Revival: Oval windows are a  common architectural feature in Colonial Revival style.

"The gambrel roof is the distinguishing feature of the Dutch Colonial Revival.  Primarily a residential style, it was popular in Colorado between 1900 and 1925.  Other characteristic elements included wide overhangs, dormers, small oval windows in the gable ends..." - History Colorado
(online October 2014)

Oval VS elliptical: used interchangeably in common English, but have specific (and different) meanings when used in mathematics.

See also: Spider web muntins


Used in Federal (esp. Hepplewhite) furniture

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