John J. Albright

Illustrated biography

Albright-Knox Art Gallery Albright's principal legacy in Buffalo

Steel plant a Certainty Reprint of 1899 newspaper article. (In April 1899, John J. Albright purchased all of the land along the shore of Lake Erie on behalf of the newly formed Lackawanna Steel Company)

Lackawanna Steel Company and Buffalo and Susquehanna Iron Company Reprint of 1899 newspaper article

Albright Memorial Library, Scranton, Pa. Financed by John J. Albright as a memorial to his parents; Green & Wicks designed the building

Fidelity Trust Bank Founded in 1892 by Albright

E. B. Green House, 180 Summer Street A Green & Wicks design

Unitarian Universalist Church , 695 Elmwood Avenue Located on land donated by Albright (part of his estate on West Ferry)

How House - History House built on former Albright estate land in Buffalo

Alexander Main Curtiss House / Ronald McDonald House House built on former Albright estate land in Buffalo

Langdon Albright and A. Conger Goodyear Second son of John J. Albright

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