Holland Land Company
The Holland Land Office Museum - Official Home Page   (online August 2014)

On Buffalo Architecure and History website:

William Chazanof, The Laying Out of Buffalo Essay

John H. Conlin, Early Land Purchases in Western New York Essay, illustrations

Mark Goldman,
The Senecas, Red Jacket, and the Holland Land Company Essay, illustrations

The Holland Land Company and Joseph Ellicott Essay

Joseph Ellicott Biography, illustrations

Joseph Ellicott and Holland Land Co. display at the Buffalo History Museum

Portrait: Paolo Busti

Map: 1805 Buffalo map Has original street names

Map: Original Land Sub-Divisions of Buffalo

Map: 1804 map of the Village of new Amsterdam (later Buffalo)

Map: Land Holdings in Western New York - 1804

Buffalo maps - Table of Contents

On other websites:

James A. Nearhood, Gunter and the Chain Gang Essay (online August 2014)

Stephen Powell, Ed., The Holland Land Purchase, 1792 Buffalo, N.Y. Essay (online August 2014)

Robert W. Silsby, Adventures in American History Series: The Holland Land Company in WNY  (online August 2014)

John R. Stewart, The Holland Land Company Selected Resources Includes Bibliography, links (online August 2014)

Patrick R. Weissend, The Life and Times of Joseph Ellicott (pdf) Essay
(online August 2014)

Original Lot Holders, Buffalo, New York Designation and date of sale of lots in the original survey of New Amsterdam, or Buffalo, by the Holland Land Company
List of names, dates, and lot numbers, from 1804  (online August 2014)

History of the Parkside Area and Community
by Parkside Community Assoc. (online August 2014)

Maps: Holland Land Company Maps 663 maps.  History (online August 2014)

Map: Map of the Western Part of the State of New York including the Holland Purchase
   (online August 2014)

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