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Buffalo Mayors Trivia Quiz


1. Who was Buffalo's first mayor?

2. Who was mayor during the Pan-American Exposition?

3. Who was mayor during most of the Civil War?

4. Who was mayor during most of WW1?

5. Who was mayor during most of WW2?

6. Which two mayors had once worked as grain scoopers?

7. Which mayor lived in a house where City Hall is now located?

8 Name the mayor who led the campaign to have Buffalo named the terminus of the Erie Canal

9. Which mayor had a daughter whom Baby Ruth candy bar was named after?

10. Which mayor was a Scottish immigrant who owned a well-known economy dry goods store on main Street?

11.Which mayor has a large polished black granite cemetery monument with his portrait in copper on it? Hint: It is near the Delaware entrance of Forest Lawn cemetery.

12. Name the two Italian-American mayors?

13. Name the four Polish-American mayors.

14. Name the mayor who has a memorial stained glass window in the Trinity Episcopalian Church on Delaware.

15. Name the mayor who was a former Canisius College basketball team star player.

16. Name the mayor who was a Pony Express owner.

17. Name the mayor whose 30-acre estate was later split up by Elmwood Avenue. His house served as the first home of the Buffalo Seminary.

18. Name the mayor who was found guilty of bribery during his term of office.

19. Name the mayor who was a former commercial ship's captain.

20. Name the mayor and judge who had a park named after him. City Honors School is now located there.

21. Name the mayor who was former law partner of Millard Fillmore.

22. Buffalo produced two US Presidents. One of them was a mayor of Buffalo. Name the two men.

23. Name the Buffalo mayor who was a former US Major General.

24. Name the first first German immigrant to be elected mayor of Buffalo. He was Buffalo's first three-term mayor.

25. Name the mayor who, as Sheriff, personally sprung the trap on two convicted murderers.

26. Name the mayor who made his fortune manufacturing refrigerators.

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