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'The True Story of the Assassination of President McKinley at Buffalo'
Reprint of
The True Story of the Assassination of President McKinley at Buffalo
By Richard H. Barry

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McKinley portrait (a bit defaced)

Title Page

Temple of Music

"The True Story of the Assassination"

The Esplanade at the Exposition

"The Temple of Music"

Pres. McKinley's epochal and last great speech

Pres. McKinley at the Exposition

Leon F. Czolgosz

"The Assassin"

Ireland and Foster

James Parker

The emergency hospital at the Pan-Am

"The Shooting"

Dr. Matthew D. Mann

Miss Katherine Simmons and Miss May D. Barnes

The Milburn Home at Buffalo

John G. Milburn

"Reception of the News"

Mrs. McKinley (a bit defaced)

Abner McKinley

Mrs. Duncan and Miss Alice McKinley

Senator Mark J. Hanna

George B. Cortelyou

The Ansley Wilcox residence

"The Last Day"

The President's body

Funeral procession leaving the Milburn House

"The Funeral"

The funeral at Washington

The funeral procession on Pennsylvania Avenue

Funeral Arch

Birthplace of Pres. McKinley, Niles, Ohio

The McKinley home at Canton

The President's body at Canton

West Lawn Cemetery, Canton

Funeral services, Canton

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