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"Silent Poets"
Great Lawn at the Central Wharf, Canalside

By Jaume Plensa

Also by Jaume Plensa: "Laura"  and 

"Jaume Plensa: 'Silent Poets' "
Albright-Knox Art Gallery
(online May 2015)

Polyester resin, stainless steel, and light
Two elements, each 26 feet high   
Temporary anonymous loan, 2015
On view through October 2016
Canalside Buffalo
This installation is presented by the Public Art Initiative, an innovative partnership between the Albright-Knox, Erie County, and the City of Buffalo. It is proudly sponsored by the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation.

"Silent Poets" by Jaume Plensa is a public artwork that activates a space for meditation and contemplation within the vibrant setting of Canalside.

The work was inspired by meditative philosophers known as ascetics who preached to crowds about humanity while seated atop pillars during the Byzantine Empire.

As Plensa explains of this work, the “two silent figures are dreaming and talking with colors. They are sharing a silent conversation in the sky - a conversation from their hearts.”

Jaume Plensa (Spanish, born 1955) has created an extensive body of public works of art, including more than thirty site-specific sculptural installations across the globe.

Working with conventional materials such as aluminum, bronze, glass, marble, and steel, often combined with less tangible materials like light, water, sound, and video, Plensa’s monumental sculptures take on many forms, all with the intent to evoke emotion and discussion amongst those who experience them.


Daytime photos and their arrangement 2015 Chuck LaChiusa
Nightime photos
2015 Nancy LaChiusa

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