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Jacob Frederick Schoellkopf, Jr.

The text below is an entry from "Geneological and Family History of Western New York," ed. by William Richard Cutter, 1912, Vol. I, p. 394

Jacob Frederick, fourth son of Jacob Frederick and Christiana T. (Duerr) Schoellkopf, was born in Buffalo, New York, February 27, 1858.


He attended the public schools and St. Joseph's College, Buffalo, afterward going to Germany where he studied for seven years (1873-80) at the University of Munich and in Stuttgart, making a specialty of chemistry, being graduated from the Stuttgart-Polytechnic College, class of 1880.

Schoellkopf Aniline and Chemical

In 1880 he returned to Buffalo and engaged in business. His knowledge of chemistry and his experiments convinced him that the extracting of dyes from coal tar could be made a very profitable business in the United States. The outcome of his effort was the organization of the Schoellkopf Aniline and Chemical works with plant at Buffalo, the most extensive in the county. The works are operated by Schoellkopf, Hartford, Hanna & Company, a corporation of which Mr. Schoellkopf is president. The plant embraces aboutthirty-six acres of land on which thirty brick factory buildings are erected. This company employ three hundred and fifty men, with amonthly wage pay roll of fifteen thousand dollars.

Mr. Schoellkopf is not only a capable, energetic man of business, but is a technical expert in his line, chemistry. His years of study and experiment have not been devoted to theory, but the conclusions reached in the laboratory have been applied to practical purposes. His acquirements have been fully recognized and his cooperation and assistance sought for by many corporations. He is

Though eminently a man of affairs Mr. Schoellkopf does not allow business to be his all absorbing thought. He is a member of the Buffalo Historical Society, of the National Geographical Society of Washington,District of Columbia, and of the American Society of Political and Social Science.

He is also interested in purely home philanthropies which he liberally supports. For several years he has served the Buffalo General Hospital as trustee. In politics he is a Republican. His clubs are the Buffalo and Country.

He married, April 1, 1882, Wilma, daughter of Alexander Spring, of Stuttgart, Germany. Children:

Illustration source: "Geneological and Family History of Western New York," ed. by William Richard Cutter, 1912, Vol. I, p. 394

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