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Union Ship Canal / South Buffalo Lighthouse
Outer Harbor, Buffalo, NY

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The pedestrian bridge over the Union Ship Canal. Foreground: Buffalo; background: Lackawanna

The pedestrian bridge replaced a 2-lane traffic bridge.

On Route 5, the Father Baker Bridge was replaced by a lower bridge in the early 1990s.

Looking east

Looking south. Building is the former Bethlehem Steel Co., Management Building

Former Bethlehem Steel Companies buildings

View from Lake Erie: South Buffalo Lighthouse and former Bethlehem Steel buildings

South Buffalo Lighthouse

South Buffalo Lighthouse

The Union Ship Canal, technically located in Buffalo, is, for practical purposes, the boundary between Buffalo and Lackawanna.

The Canal was dug by the Goodyears for access by lake freighters to the Susquehanna Iron Company and Pennsylvania RR's ore docks. The Susquehanna plant changed hands and was owned by Hanna Furnace for some time. Bethlehem Steel operated the short section of dock from rt. 5 to the harbor.

The Union Ship Canal should not be confused with the City Ship Canal next to Kelly Island.

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