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Ogee arch
also known as Venetian arch and cyma reversa


Ogee / Venetian arch / cyma reversa: A molding formed by two curves, the upper concave and the lower convex, so forming an S-shaped curve.

Cyma reversa/Lesbian cymaA molding of double curvature which is  convex at the outer edge and concave at the inner edge.

Ogee arch: An arch consisting of two opposed ogee curves meeting in a point at the top. Introduced c. 1300, it was popular throughout the late Middle Ages and in England especially in the early fourteenth century. Now associated with Venetian Gothic style

Cyma recta/Doric cyma: A molding of double curvature which is  concave at the outer edge and convex at the inner edge.  NOT an ogee.



Ogee molding: A molding made up of a convex and concave curve (S). Also called an ogive or keel molding.

An ogee is part of the crown molding that is frequently used at the top of a piece of case furniture

Ogee bracket foot

Ogee clock: rectangular, with ogee-profile molding that frames a central glass door that protects the clock face and the pendulum. The door usually carries a painted scene in the area beneath the face.

Examples from Buffalo:

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