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Abbott Hall / Lockwood Memorial Library VISITORS

Adam (Robert B.) House

Adam, Meldrum & Anderson department store

Adams Power Station NIAGARA FALLS

Adult Learning Center (PS No. 46)

A. F. Oliver Gear & Machine Co.

Agway Grain Elevator

Ahavas Sholem Synagogue


Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Allen/Medical Campus Metro Rail Station

Alleyway Theatre

Alling & Cory Bldg. / Lofts AT 136

AM&A's Department Store Building / J. N. Adam Building

American Body Company/Better Wire, Inc.

American Cancer Institute / Lewis (George L. ) House VISITORS

"American Doughboy 'Over the Top' to Victory" sculpture VISITORS

American Elevator / Russell-Miller Elevator / Peavey Elevator

American Malting  Elevator / Perot Malting Elevator / Genesee Brewing Elevator

American Red Cross / Clement House

Amherst Street Metro Rail Station

Amherst/Starin Belt Line Railroad Station

Ancient Landmarks Society of Masons Lodge / Century Grill

Annunciation RC Church

Ansonia Building

Apartments at the Hub

Appleton House/Medaille College President's Residence

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Elevator

Architects' and Builders' Exhibits Building / Niagara Square Professional Building

Ardmore Apartments

Arnold House

Art, Outdoor Public  VISITORS

Asbury Delaware Methodist Church / Babeville  RENTAL
Ascension, Episcopal Church of the

Assembly House 150 / Immaculate Conception RC Church

Assumption RC Church

Atwater House Demolished 2006

Austin Building

Austin (George A.) House

Automobile Club of Buffalo/Clarence Town Club House CLARENCE

Babeville / Asbury Delaware Methodist Church


Baker Memorial United Methodist Church  EAST AURORA

Baldwin Building

Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroad Depot ORCHARD PARK

Bank of America

Bank of Buffalo Demolished

Bank of America:  Historic Williamsville Mural

Barcalo House

Barker / Chandler House Demolished 2007

Barker Square Condominiums

Barnes & Hengerer Building

Bartlett House

Barton House VISITORS ..... RENTAL ..... GIFT SHOP

Baseball Stadium, Buffalo Bisons

Bassett House

Bayliss House

Becker (Philip) House

Belt Line Railroad Central Park Station

Bemis / Ransom House
Bennett Apartments

Bennett High School

Bennett (Mrs. Ira S.) House

Bennett Park  VISITORS

Benson House

Bernhardt Funeral Home AKRON

Bethune Lofts/Buffalo Meter Co.

BetterWire, Inc/American Body Company

Beth Jacob Cemetery

Bethlehem Management Club / Brierwood Country Club

Bethlehem Steel Company Administration Building  LACKAWANNA
Beverly A. Gray Business Services Incubator / East Utica Library

Bidwell Parkway

Bidwell Monument   VISITORS

Bird Island Pier VISITORS

Birge House ("Circle House")

Birge House (Henry) / D.A.R. House / Horton House

"Bison" Statue  VISITORS

Bisons Stadium

"Black Rock Geology" Mural  VISITORS

Black Rock Lock   VISITORS
Blessed Sacrament RC Church

Blessed Trinity RC Church..
Blue Sky Mausoleum VISITORS

Boathouse (Wright Boathouse) VISITORS

Boies-Lord House (Hamburg) VISITORS

Botanical Gardens, Buffalo & Erie County VISITORS ..... RENTAL

Bowers Grocery Store

Breckenridge Street Church

Brendel Building HAMBURG

Brierwood Country Club / Bethlehem Management Club HAMBURG

Brisbane Building

Brigadier General Samuel Manning Welch Memorial VISITORS

Broadway Theatre

Bryant & Stratton

Bryant (Clarence L.) House

Bryant (Jennie D.) House

Buddhist Cultural Center, Chua Tu Hieu

Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens VISITORS ..... RENTAL ..... GIFT SHOP
Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society Museum   Name changed in 2012 to Buffalo History Museum VISITORS ..... RENTAL ..... GIFT SHOP

Buffalo & Erie County Naval & Military Park VISITORS ..... RENTAL ..... GIFT SHOP

Buffalo & Erie County Central Public Library   VISITORS ..... FOOD ..... GIFT SHOP
Buffalo Athletic Club (BAC)

Buffalo Awning & Tent Company / Hickory Street Apartments

Buffalo Bisons Baseball Stadium

Buffalo Catholic Institute Public Library / Church of Scientology Buffalo VISITORS

Buffalo Central Terminal VISITORS ..... RENTAL

Buffalo City Court

Buffalo City Hall VISITORS ..... SNACKS ..... FOOD
Buffalo Club

Buffalo Cremation Co. / Forest Lawn Cremation Co.
Buffalo Design Collaborative Building / Mabel Danahy Building

Buffalo Evening News
Buffalo Federal Courthouse

Buffalo Gas Light Company

Buffalo Gasolene Motor Company

Buffalo History Museum  VISITORS ..... RENTAL ..... GIFT SHOP

Buffalo Industrial Bank

Buffalo Industrial Heritage Trail

Buffalo Laborers' Union Local 210 / Strathman Manor

Buffalo Lighthouse

Buffalo Meter Company/Bethune Lofts
Buffalo Museum of Science VISITORS ..... RENTAL ..... GIFT SHOP

Buffalo News Building FOOD

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus  VISITORS ..... FOOD ..... GIFT SHOP
Buffalo Park System VISITORS

Buffalo Psychiatric Center / Buffalo State Hospital / Richardson Complex ....
Buffalo Public Schools: Schools - Links
Buffalo Religious Art Center (St. Francis Xavier Church) VISITORS ..... RENTAL

Buffalo River

Buffalo River Fest Park VISITORS

Buffalo Sabres Arena  VISITORS

Buffalo Savings Bank / M&T Bank Branch VISITORS

Buffalo Science Museum VISITORS ..... RENTAL ..... GIFT SHOP

Buffalo Seminary

Buffalo Smelting Works Building

Buffalo State College President's House/ David Gunsberg House

Buffalo State College - St. Calasanctius Mural

Buffalo State Hospital / Buffalo Psychiatric Center / Richardson Complex

Buffalo State Office Building

Buffalo Tennis and Squash Club ...... PHOTOS

Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum VISITORS .... RENTAL

Buffalo Water Intake Building

Buffalo Yacht Club...
Burchfield Penney Art Center VISITORS .... FOOD .... RENTAL

Burgard High School

Burt Flickinger Athletic Center

Burt, F. N., Co./500 Seneca

Bush (John W.) House, 6 Lincoln Pkwy.

Bush (John W.) House, 165 Summer St.

Bush (Myron P.) House

Butler (E. H.) House (672 Delaware)  RENTAL
Butler (E. H.) House (429 Linwood)

Butler-Mitchell Clubhouse Mural

Buxton House / Lindy's Buxton Inn HAMBURG Demolished
Cabana House / Forman House

Calasanctius Mural  VISITORS

Canterbury Woods Gates Circle / Lancaster Avenue Extension

Callahan House
Calumet Building

Calvary Episcopal Church WILLIAMSVILLE
Campanile Apartments

Canalside VISITORS

Carl Slone Antique Lighting and Windows VISITORS

Cary House

Catholic Diocese Chancery/Courier Express Building

Caulkins Building

Caulkins House

Center for Genetics and Pharmacology

Central Park Station

Central Park United Methodist Church

Central Public Library   VISITORS ..... FOOD ..... GIFT SHOP
Central Presbyterian Church / Mount St. Joseph Academy

Central Terminal VISITORS ..... RENTAL

Central Wharf

Century Grill / Ancient Landmarks Society of Masons Lodge VISITORS

Chandler / Barker House Demolished 2006

Chemical #5 Firehouse

Child and Family Services Building / Richmond-Lockwood House

Christ Church (Chapel)

Chua Tu Hieu Buddhist Cultural Center / Police Station #8

Church (The) / Asbury Delaware Avenue Methodist Church / Babeville RENTAL

Church of Scientology, Buffalo VISITORS

Church of the Advent (Kenmore)

Church of the Ascension House

Church of the Good Shepherd

Church of the Seven Dolors

City Centre Condominiums


City Hall VISITORS  ..... SNACKS  ..... FOOD

City Honors School / Fosdick -Masten High School

Civil War Monument / Soldiers and Sailors Monument VISITORS

Clarence Town Club House/Automobile Club of Buffalo

Clement Brick Museum

Clement House / Red Cross Building

Coatsworth House, 49 Cottage St.

Coatsworth House, 16 Lincoln Woods Lane

Coit House

Coles (Robert T. ) House and Studio

College Club / Philip Smith House

Colonial Apartments

Colonial Circle  VISITORS

Colored Musicians Club  VISITORS

Columbus Park  VISITORS

Commercial Slip  VISITORS

Community Beer Works

Community Steel Building Mural

Computer Task Group Building / Knox House

Concordia Cemetery  VISITORS

Connecticut Street Armory

Connecting Terminal Elevator

Conners Children's Center / Forman-Cabana House

Conners House / Gilda's Clubhouse VISITORS

Conventus Building

Cookie / Fire House Engine No. 11/Hook & Ladder No. 4

Cooperative Grange League Federation Elevator

Coplon Mansion / Curtis Hall

Cornell (Katherine) House

Cornell (S. Douglas) House

Corpus Christi RC Church VISITORS

Cotter, Edward M., Fireboat

County Hall (Old) VISITORS

Courier Express Building/Catholic Diocese Chancery GIFT SHOP

Courtyard Marriott Hotel/Phillips Lytle LLP   VISITORS   ....... FOOD

Cowper (John) House

Crane House

Craven House

Crawford (John) House

Crawford (William J.)  House

Crosby Hall / UB School of Architecture and Planning VISITORS
Curtis Hall / Coplon Mansion, 4380 Main St.

Curtiss Building /  Curtiss Hotel

Curtiss House, 100 Lincoln Parkway

Curtiss House / International Institute, 864 Delaware RENTAL

Curtiss (Alexander Main) House / Ronald McDonald House VISITORS

Curtiss Malting/Agway Warehouse

C. W. Miller Livery Stable
Cyclorama Building
D.A.R. House / Henry Birge House / Horton House

Darwin Martin House VISITORS ..... RENTAL

David, Reproduction Michelangelo's
Davidson House.
Day House

Day House/ Gorton House

Days Park

Dayton House

De Laplante House

Delavan/Canisius College Metro Rail Station

Delaware Avenue Baptist Church

Delaware Court  DEMOLISHED 2014

Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Train Shed / Niagara Frontier Transit Authority Depot

Delaware Park VISITORS

Delaware Park Bridge VISITORS

Delaware Park Marcy Casino RENTAL

Dennis Building / Stanton Building

Denziger-Sigwald Building

Depew House

Dickinson Jewelry Store / Levy King & White Building

Diebolt House

Dilapo House

DL&W / NFTA Train Sheds

Donovan Building / Phillips Lytle LLP / Courtyard Marriott Hotel  FOOD

Dorsheimer House

Dun Building

D'Youville College Administration Building

D'Youville College Montante Family Library
East Utica Library / The Beverly A. Gray Business Services Incubator

E. & B. Holmes Machinery Company

Eberhardt House (Kenmore)

Eberz House

Eckhardt's / Kobacher's Department Store

ECC/Old Post Office VISITORS

ECC/Burt Flickinger Athletic Center

Edison Street Baptist Church

Edward M. Cotter, Fireboat

800 West Ferry Street

Elbert Hubbard Roycroft Museum EAST AURORA VISITORS

Electric Tower VISITORS
Elevator (grain) - LINKS

Elk Market Terminal/ Lofts @Elk Terminal

Ellicott Creek  VISITORS

Ellicott Square Building VISITORS ..... RENTAL ..... FOOD

Emerald Channel Water Intake Building

Engine 2, Ladder 9

Engine No. 15 Fire Station

Engine No. 22

Engine 36 Firehouse

Engle Building / Ross Eye Institute

Episcopal Church of the Ascension

Episcopal Church of the Ascension House

Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

Erie Basin Marina
Erie Canal Harbor / Erie Canal Terminus VISITORS

Erie Community College/Burt Flickinger Athletic Center

Erie Community College / Old Post Office

Erie County Hall VISITORS

Erie Freight House
Erlanger Theater Demolished 2007

E. R. Thomas

Esty House
Fairfield Library

Farrar House / Knights of Columbus Building

Federal Courthouse, Michael J. Dillon  VISITORS

Federal Courthouse, Robert H. Jackson  VISITORS

Feine (August) House

Felician Sisters Chapel and Convent CHEEKTOWAGA

Ferry Circle

Ferry Street Corridor Project  Replaced

Ferry Street Lift Bridge VISITORS

Fidelity Trust Building / NYS Dept. of Labor Building

Filling Station, Larkin 

Fillmore House Museum EAST AURORA VISITORS

Fireboat Edward M. Cotter

Firehouse #2

Firehouse: Engine No. 2, Ladder 9

Fire House Engine No. 11/Hook & Ladder No. 4 / Cookie

Firehouse: Engine No. 15

Firehouse: Engine No. 22

Firehouse: Engine 36

First Baptist Church of Hamburg HAMBURG

First Baptist Church of Newfane NEWFANE

First Church of Christ, Scientist
/ Karpeles Manuscript Museum

First Niagara Center

First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church LOCKPORT

First Presbyterian Church NIAGARA FALLS

Fitzgerald (F. Scott) House

500 Seneca

Flickinger Athletic Center

Folsom House

Fontana Boathouse / Frank Lloyd Wright's Rowing Boathouse VISITORS

Forest Lawn Cemetery VISITORS ..... CHAPEL RENTAL

Forest Lawn Cremation Co.

Forman-Cabana House / Conners Children's Center

Forman (Georgia) House


Fort Tompkins Plaque

Fosdick-Masten High School / City Honors School

Foster House, 3 St. John's Place

Foster House, 891 Delaware

464 Gallery  VISITORS

Fougeron House

Fountain Plaza  VISITORS

Fowler House

Frank Lloyd Wright Boathouse  RENTAL

Freddy J's BBQ

Freedom Wall   VISITORS

Front Park

Futures Academy

Gardener's Cottage
Gates Circle VISITORS

General Electric Tower / Niagara Mohawk / Iskalo Tower VISITORS
General Mills Grain Elevator

Genesee Brewing Elevator / American Malting  Elevator / Perot Malting Elevator

Genesee Building / Hyatt Regency-Buffalo VISITORS ..... GIFT SHOP ..... FOOD

Genesee Gateway Historic District

Germain House

German RC Orphan Home


Giesser Building

Gilda's Clubhouse / Conners House VISITORS

Glenny Building / Dennis Building / Stanton Building

GLF Grain Elevator/RiverWorks

Goldome / Buffalo Savings Bank / M&T Branch VISITORS

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

Goodyear (Charles W.) House / Oracle Charter School

Gorton House/ Day House

Grace Episcopal Church LOCKPORT

Grain Elevators -
Table of Contents

Grand Island South Bridge  VISITORS

Granite Works
Gray Business Services Incubator / East Utica Library

Graycliff VISITORS
Greatbatch Pavilion VISITORS

Great Northern Elevator

Greater Buffalo Press, Inc. / West Side Pet Clinic / Pawprints

Greater Buffalo Savings Bank / Pierce-Arrow Showroom VISITORS

(Greek) Hellenic Orthodox Church of the Annunciation

Green (E.B.)  House

Green-Rohlfs House

Greenstein House

Greyhound Bus Terminal

Griffin, Jimmy Statue

Griggs House/ Palmer Bed & Breakfast EAST AURORA VISITORS

Grover Cleveland Golf Course / Schenck House
Grover Cleveland High School / State Normal School
Guaranty / Prudential Building

Gunsberg House/ Buffalo State College President's House
Hall (E. F.) Office and Residence

Hall (George) House


Hamburg Grange

Hamlin (Cicero) House/ Hamlin House Restaurant  VISITORS ..... RENTAL

Hamlin (Frank) House

HAMLIN PARK district

HarborCenter  VISITORS

Harvey (Edward) House

Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute

Hayes Hall - UB School of Architecture & Planning VISITORS

Heald (Charles M.) House

Health Sciences Charter School / St. Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum

Heath (Richard) House

Heath (William) House

Hedstrom Gate House

Heiser House HAMBURG

Hellenic Orthodox Church of the Annunciation

Hengerer (Barnes &) Department Store Building, 260 Main St.

Hengerer Company / Lafayette Court Building, 465 Main Street

Hewitt House / Inn Buffalo

H. H. Richardson Complex

Hickory Street Apartments /Buffalo Awning & Tent Company

Highland Lodge #835 / Central Presbyterian Church
Community Center

Hilton Garden Inn / Tishman Building

Historical Society Museum (old name)   VISITORS ..... RENTAL

History Museum, The Buffalo
(new name)   VISITORS ..... RENTAL
Hoag Lumber Co. / Bernhardt Funeral Home AKRON

Hockey Arena, Sabres

Hofeller House

Holley House  LOCKPORT

Holley-Rankine House NIAGARA FALLS

Holmes (Edward B.) House, 44 Lincoln Parkway

Holmes (Edward B.) House, 56 Linwood Avenue

Holmes Machinery Company

Holy Angels Academy / D'Youville College Administration Building

Holy Angels RC Church

Holy Cross Cemetery  VISITORS

Holy Cross Cemetery Old Administration Building

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

H-O Oats Co. DEMOLSHED 2006

Hook & Ladder No. 12

Hope Lodge of the American Cancer Institute / Lewis (George L. ) House VISITORS

Horton House

Hotchkiss House, 20 Lincoln Pkwy.

Hotchkiss House, 37 Oakalnd

Hotel Lafayette

Hotel Touraine

How House

Hoyt House/ZeptoMetrix Building

HSBC Arena

HSBC Atrium

HSBC/ Marine Midland Bank / One Seneca Tower

Hubbard (Elbert) Roycroft Museum EAST AURORA VISITORS


Humboldt/Hospital Metro Rail Station

Humboldt Park/Martin Luther King, Jr. Park  

Huntley House

Huyler Building

Hyatt Regency-Buffalo/Genesee Building VISITORS ..... GIFT SHOP ..... FOOD
Ice boom

lluminating Gas Co.

Immaculate Conception RC Church / Assembly House 150

Industrial Heritage Trail VISITORS

Inn Buffalo B&B / Hewitt House 

International Institute / Curtiss Mansion RENTAL

International Railway (swing) Bridge

Irish Famine Memorial VISITORS

Jackson (Robert H.)  United States Courthouse  VISITORS

Jacobs Executive Development Center / Williams-Butler Mansion

Japanese Garden

Jefferson Avenue Shul

Jekel House

J. N. Adam Building / AM&A's Department Store Building

Joseph Calasanctius Mural  VISITORS
Kamman Building

Karpeles Manuscript Museum / First Church of Christ, Scientist VISITORS ..... RENTAL

Karpales Manuscript Library Museum / Plymouth Methodist Church VISITORS ..... RENTAL

Kellogg (Howard Jr.) House.

Kellogg (Spencer Jr.) Jr. House

Kelly (Patrick J.) House


Kendrick House

Kenmore-Tonawanda Historical Society and Museum / Saint Peter (German) Evangelical Church

Kenmore-Tonawanda Municipal Building

Kensington Gardens Apartment Complex

Kensington High School

Key Center at Fountain Plaza

King Jr. (Martin Luther) Park VISITORS
King Center Charter School / St. Mary of Sorrows RC Church

Kittinger (Irvine) House

Kittinger (Ralph) House

Kleinhans Music Hall . RENTAL ..... TOURS

Klinck House

Knights of Columbus Building / Farrar House

Knox (Seymour H. I) House, 414 Porter Avenue

Knox House (Grace Millard) / Computer Task Group, 800 Delaware

Knox House (Seymour H. I) / Blessed Sacrament RC Church Parish Office, 1035 Delaware

Knox (Seymour H., Jr.) House 57 Oakland Place

Knox Summer Estate State Park  EAST AURORA  VISITORS

Koerner (Herman T. ) House

Kurtzman (Louis) House
Lackawanna Public Library  LACKAWANNA VISITORS

Lackawanna Steel Company Administration Building  LACKAWANNA

Ladd House

"Lady Justice" sculpture VISITORS

Lafayette Court Building / William Hengerer Company

Lafayette High School

Lafayette Hotel

Lafayette Presbyterian Church
Lafayette Square VISITORS

Lake and Rail Elevator

Lake (Sidney) House

Lancaster Town Hall and Opera House

Lansing House

Larkin Co. Buildings

Larkin Co. Administration Building Restored Brick Fence Pier

Larkin Co.  B, C, .../Larkin Center of Commerce

Larkin Co. Filling Station  VISITORS ..... FOOD

Larkin Co. Power House

Larkin Co. Men’s Club

Larkin Co. Warehouse  VISITORS ..... FOOD

Larkin District

Larkin Houses.("Larkland")

LaSalle Metro Rail Station

LaSalle Park  VISITORS

Lautz House

Ledor House

Lee House

Lenox Hotel

Levy King & White Building / Dickinson Jewelry Store

Lewis (George L. ) House VISITORS

Liberty Bank / Liberty Building

Liberty Bank Branch, 892 Genesee St.

Library, Buffalo & Erie County Central Public   VISITORS ..... FOOD ..... GIFT SHOP

Life Transitions Center, Inc.


Light rail rapid transit system

Lin-Nor Apartments

LiRo Group Building / Williams-Pratt House

Little (H. H.) House

Lincoln, Abraham Statue VISITORS

Lockwood House

Lockwood Memorial Library / Abbott Hall VISITORS

Lofts @Elk Terminal

Lofts AT 136 / Alling & Cory Bldg.

Lofts at Warwick/ North Park United Presbyterian Church

Lowry (Stella) House

Lyman (Duane) House

Mabel Danahy Building / Buffalo Design Collaborative Building

Main Place Tower and Mall   VISITORS

Maltby House


M&T Branch Bank, 133 Grant Street

M&T Branch Bank / Buffalo Savings Bank / Goldome VISITORS

Mann (Elbert B.) House

Mann (Ethel Mann Curtiss) House

Mann (Dr. Matthew D. ) House

Mansion on Delaware Avenue / Sternberg House VISITORS ..... RESERVATIONS

Marcy Casino in Delaware Park RENTAL

Marine "A" Elevator

Marine Drive Apartments
Marine Trust Company Building

Marine Midland Bank / HSBC / One Seneca Tower

Market Arcade VISITORS ..... GIFT SHOP

Market Square Historic District

Marriott Hotel / Philllips Lytle LLP  FOOD
Martin (Darwin) House Complex VISITORS ..... RENTAL..

Martin Luther King Jr. Park VISITORS
Mathews House
Mayflower Apartments

Maytham House

McDonald (Ronald) House

McDonnell Building
McFarland House

McKinney House

McKinley High School "The Vision of Olmsted" outdoor mural VISITORS

McKinley Monument

McLean House

McNiven House

Medaille College President's Residence/Appleton House

Medical Campus, Buffalo Niagara  VISITORS ..... GIFT SHOP ..... FOOD

Mentholatum Company Building/ The Mentholatum

Merchants Mutual

Mercer (William) House

Metcalfe House

Metro Rail Stations

Meyer (Dr. E. J.) Building

Meyer Malting/Community Beer Works

Michigan Street Baptist Church
Michigan Avenue Bridge VISITORS


Millard Fillmore House Museum EAST AURORA VISITORS

Millard Fillmore Hospital

Miller (Annie Lang) House

Miller (Charles W.) House

Miller, C. W.,  Livery Stable

Millionaires' Row VISITORS

Millonzi House

Montante Family Library, D'Youville College

Mooney (Henry) House

Moriarty / Sickles House

Morris Manor Apartments

Mosier House

Mount St. Joseph Academy / Central Presbyterian Church

Munschauer House

Murals, outdoor  VISITORS

Museum District VISITORS

Museum of Science VISITORS ..... RENTAL ..... GIFT SHOP

Mutual Grain Elevator

Mutual Riverfront Park

M. Wile Factory VISITORS

Myers House
Nash House GIFT SHOP

National Hotel NIAGARA FALLS

Naval & Military Park VISITORS ..... RENTAL ..... GIFT SHOP

Nemmer Furniture Building / City Centre

N.F.T.A. Depot and Repair Shop
Net-Zero Energy House

New Cathedral (Demolished)

Newman House / Oscar's B&B

New York Central Terminal

New York State  Dept. of Labor Building/ Fidelity Trust Building VISITORS

NY State Insane Asylum / Richardson Complex

New York State Office Building VISITORS

New York Telephone Co. Bldg,
Niagara Falls Boulevard  VISITORS

Niagara Lithograph Co.
Niagara Mohawk / General Electric Tower.... VISITORS

Niagara Reservation VISITORS

Niagara Share Building

Niagara Square VISITORS

Niagara Square Professional Building / Architects' and Builders' Exhibits Building

Nietzsche's  VISITORS

North Park Baptist Church

North Park Theatre

North Park United Presbyterian Church / The Lofts at Warwick

North Presbyterian Church / Hellenic Orthodox Church of the Annunciation

Northwest Community Mental Health Center

Norton Memorial Hall CHAUTAUQUA
Octagon House VISITORS

O'Flanagan House Demolished

Ohio Street Vertical Lift Bridge VISITORS

Old Cathedral (St. Joseph's RC Cathedral) VISITORS

Old County Hall

Old Editions Book Shop and Café VISITORS

Old Post Office / Erie Community College VISITORS
Oliver Gear & Machine Co.

Olmsted Parks VISITORS

One Seneca Tower / Marine Midland Bank / HSBC Center

Oracle Charter School / Goodyear (Charles W.) House

Orchard Park Depot

Oscar's B&B/ Newman House  RENTABLE

Otto Store Building / Theater Place VISITORS

Our Lady of Victory Basilica LACKAWANNA VISITORS

Packard Building

Pulaski Monument  VISITORS

Park Lane Condominium

Park System VISITORS

Parkside Candy, Main & Oakwood

Parkside Candy, Main & Winspear VISITORS

Parkside Lutheran Church

Parmelee House

Pavilion at ECMC


Peace Bridge

Peavey Elevator / American Elevator / Russell-Miller Elevator

People's Park

Perot Malting Elevator / American Malting  / Genesee Brewing Elevator

Perron Building

Petri/ Pitt Petri/Huyler Building

Phelps Auto Top / West Side Pet Clinic / Pawprints

Phillips Lytle LLP/Courtyard Marriott Hotel    VISITORS  ....... FOOD

Phoenix Club / Raleigh Hotel

Pierce Arrow (Buffalo Transportation) Museum VISITORS .... RENTAL

Pierce-Arrow Administration Building and Factory
Pierce-Arrow First Showroom / Vernor Building Demolished 2006

Pierce-Arrow Second Showroom / Greater Buffalo Savings Bank VISITORS

Pierce (Dr. Ray Vaughn) Building

Pillsbury Elevator

Pitt Petri/Huyler Building

Plymouth Methodist Church/Karpales Library VISITORS

Police Station #8 / Chua Tu Hieu Buddhist Cultural Center

Poppenberg Motor Company Showroom / Washington Surplus Center

Porter Avenue Pied à Terre / Stanton (Patrick E.) House ACCOMMODATIONS

Porter (Frank) House

Pratt House / LiRo Group Building

Prospect Avenue Baptist Church

Provoost House

Prudential / Guaranty Building

Public Art, Outdoor  VISITORS

Public Library  VISITORS ..... FOOD ..... GIFT SHOP

Public Schools: Schools - Table of Contents

Pulaski Monument

PUSH Community Vegetable Gardens

PUSH Net-Zero Energy House

QRS Music

Raleigh Hotel / Phoenix Club

Rand Building

Rand House

Ransom House

Reed (Horace) House

Red Cross Building / Clement House

Red Jacket Apartments

Resurgence Brewing Company

Ribco Building

Rich (G. Barrett) House / Little Portion Friary

Rich Products Corp.

Rich's Red Brick Market/Cookie

Rich Twinn Octagon House AKRON VISITORS

Richardson Olmsted Complex

Richmond Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church/ Upper West Arts Center

Richmond-Lockwood House

Rider-Hopkins Farm and Olmsted Camp SARDINIA

Rigidized Metals

Risman House

River Fest Park   VISITORS




Robert H. Jackson United States Courthouse  VISITORS

Robert T. Coles House and Studio

Robinson-Squier House

Rogers House/Kenan Center LOCKPORT RENTAL

Rohlfs-Green House

Ronald McDonald House / Curtiss (Alexander Main) House VISITORS

Roos House

Root Building VISITORS ..... FOOD

Ross Eye Institute / Engle Building

Ross Funeral Home AKRON

Roswell Park Cancer Institute  VISITORS  ..... FOOD




Russell-Miller Elevator / Peavey Elevator / American Elevator

Russ's Bait and Tackle

Sabres Arena

Sacred Heart Church / Witness Cathedral

Sacred Heart RC Rectory / Larkin’s Men’s Club

Saint Adalbert's Basilica

Saint Agnes RC Church

Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church

Saint Ann's Roman Catholic Church

Saint Anthony's RC Church     VISITORS

Saint Casimir's RC Church

Saint Francis de Sales RC Church

Saint Francis Xavier RC Church / Buffalo Religious Art Center VISITORS .... RENTAL

Saint Gerard's RC Church

Saint John's Grace Episcopal Church

Saint John the Baptist RC Church

Saint John the Evangelist RC Church

St. John Kanty RC Church

St. John's Episcopal Church YOUNGSTOWN

Saint Joseph's RC New Cathedral (Demolished 1977)

Saint Joseph's RC (Old) Cathedral VISITORS

Saint Louis RC Church

Saint Luke's Mission of Mercy/ St. Luke's RC Church

Saint Mary of Sorrows RC Church / King Center Charter School

Saint Mary's Elevator

St. Mary's On the Hill Episcopal Church   (Demolished 2011)

Saint Mary's RC Church of Swarmville SWARMVILLE

Saint Mary Redemptorist RC Church

Saint Mary's School for the Deaf

Saint Matthew’s German Evangelical Church

Saint Michael's RC Church

Saint Paul's Episcopal Cathedral VISITORS

Saint Patrick's RC Church and Franciscan Monastery

Saint Stanislaus RC Church

Saint Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum

Saints Columba-Bridget's RC Church

Saints Peter & Paul RC Church HAMBURG

Samuel Manning Memorial   VISITORS

Santasiero's Restaurant

Sattler Theatre

Saturn Club

Schaefer House

ScheideMantel House/ Elbert Hubbard-Roycroft Museum

Schenck House / Grover Cleveland Golf Course

Schmidt House & Tavern

Scientology, Buffalo Church of VISITORS

Schoellkopf-Vom Berge House

Schools: Schools - Links

Schwartz House

Schwinn-Mandel Building

Science Museum VISITORS ..... RENTAL ..... GIFT SHOP

Scott  Bieler Clinical Sciences Center

Seames House

Sears House

Seeberg, H. Building

Seneca Paper Co. Warehouse / Warehouse Lofts

Setel Building VISITORS ..... FOOD

17 Court Street Office Building / Buffalo Industrial Bank 

"Shark Girl" VISITORS

Shea's Buffalo/Shea's Performing Arts Center  VISITORS ... RENTALS

Sherwood Apartments

Shoreline Apartments

Sickles / Moriarty House

Sidway Building

Sidway (Ralph Huntington) House

Silo City

Silverthorne House

Sinclair (John) House

Sinclair Rooney Building

Sisti Park

678 Main Street

Slone (Carl) Antique Lighting and Windows

Smith McDonald Corp.

Smith (Philip) / College Club House

Soldiers' Circle VISITORS

Soldiers and Sailors Monument VISITORS

South Buffalo Lighthouse

South Park Conservatory VISITORS ..... RENTAL

Sovereign Apartments

Sowers Manufacturing Company / Northwest Community Mental Health Center

Spaulding Building

Sprague Summer Residence HAMBURG

Squier House

Standard Grain Elevator / Hecker Elevator / Nesbitt Elevator / Pillsbury Elevator

Staniland House

Stanton (Patrick E.) House / Porter Avenue Pied à Terre ACCOMMODATIONS

Stanton Building / Dennis Building

State Normal School / Grover Cleveland High School

State Office Building VISITORS

Statler Hotel / Statler City  VISITORS ..... RENTAL

Statler House (154 Soldiers Place)

Statler House (177 Bidwell Parkway)

Sterling Engine Company

Sternberg House / Mansion on Delaware Avenue

Stitch Buffalo  VISITORS

Stratford Arms

Strathman Manor/Buffalo Laborers' Union Local 210

Strawberry Island  VISITORS

Subway stations  VISITORS

Sugar Arts Collaborative

Summer/Best Metro Rail Station  VISITORS

Surdam House

Swannie House VISITORS

Sweetness 7 Café VISITORS ..... FOOD

Swift (Emily H.) House

Symphony Circle

Tabor-Crane House

Tapestry School

Telephone Building

Temple Beth Zedek

Temple Beth Zion.....

Theatre Place / Otto Building VISITORS

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site / Wilcox Mansion VISITORS ..... RENTAL

Thomas, E. R.

Thorne House, 16 Tillinghast Place

Thorne House, 40 Bidwell Place

Ticor Building / Title Guarantee Building

Tillou, Dana - Fine Arts VISITORS

Times Beach Nature Preserve VISITORS

Tishman Building / Hilton Garden Inn

Title Guarantee Building

Tonawanda-Kenmore Historical Society and Museum / Saint Peter (German) Evangelical Church

Tony Sisti Park

Touraine Hotel

Transfiguration Church Complex

Trible (Walter P. ) House

Trico Plant #1

Trinity Episcopal Church and Christ Chapel VISITORS

Trinity United Methodist Church  GRAND ISLAND

Truscott (Bessie Sweet) House

"Truth and Justice" sculpture  VISITORS

Turk House

Twentieth Century Club

Union Meeting House / Breckenridge Street Church

Unitarian Universalist Church

UB (State U. of N.Y. at Buffalo)

United Office Building NIAGARA FALLS

United States Courthouse, Court Street VISITORS

United States Courthouse, Robert H. Jackson  VISITORS

University Metro Rail Station

University Presbyterian Church

Upper West Arts Center/Richmond Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church

USS The Sullivans VISITORS

Utica Metro Rail Station

Vars Building

Vernor Building / Pierce-Arrow Showroom Demolished 2006

Veterans Park VISITORS

Village Shopping Center EAST AURORA VISITORS

Villa Maria College  CHEEKTOWAGA

"The Vision of Olmsted" Mural at McKinley High School

Waite (Richard A.) House

Walbridge Building

Walden-Myer Mausoleum

Wallace House AMHERST

Walter J. Mahoney State Office Building

Ward House

Ward Pumping Station

Warehouse Lofts/ Seneca Paper Co. Warehouse

Warren House

Warwick House

Washington Iron Works

Washington Monument  VISITORS

Washington Surplus

Waterfront  VISITORS

Water Intake Building

Watson House / Buffalo Club

Webb Building/ Webb Lofts

Weber (Emilie C.) House

Webster (Edward H. ) House

Welch (Brigadier General Samuel Manning ) Memorial   VISITORS

Wells House/Rich Products

Wende (Ernest) House

Wendt (Henry W.) House

Wendt (Margaret L.)  House

Werner Photography Building

Western Savings Bank / Main Court Building

Westminster Presbyterian Church

West Side Pet Clinic / Pawprints

Westside Value Laundromat  VISITORS

West Side Rowing Club  VISITORS

White Brothers Livery & Boarding Stable

White (James) House

White (Seymour) House

Wicks (William Sydney) House

Wilcox Mansion / Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site VISITORS ..... RENTAL

Wile (M.) Factory VISITORS

Wilkeson Pointe VISITORS

William Hengerer (Barnes &) Department Store Building, 260 Main St.

William Hengerer Company / Lafayette Court Building, 465 Main Street

Williams House, 249 North St.

Williams (Albert  L.) House

Williams-Butler Mansion / Jacobs Executive Development Center

Williams-Pratt House / LiRo Group Building

Williamsville Mural, Bank of Buffalo   VISITORS   WILLIAMSVILLE

Williamsville Water Mill    VISITORS  WILLIAMSVILLE

Wilson (Louis C. ) House

Winkler House
Wollenberg Elevator Demolished October2, 2006

Women's Walkway  VISITORS

Wright House

Wright Boathouse VISITORS

Wurlitzer Building


ZeptoMetrix Building/ Hoyt house

Ziegle/Feine House

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