Kleinhans Music Hall
Symphony Circle, Buffalo, NY

Rental Information: (716) 883-3560
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Mary Seaton Room / Lounge / Ladies' Lounge

"Chopin" Statue

"Verdi" statue

Christopher Nicholas Brown, Kleinhans Music Hall History

Austin M. Fox, Buffalo Celebrates Fifty Years of Kleinhans Music Hall and the Saarinens

Denise Gail Prince, Kleinhans Music Hall: A Study in Modern Sound  Masters thesis

Eliel and Eero Saarinen Chronology

Photo: Avery House from 1905 Buffalo of Today: Domestic and Industrial

Christopher Nicholas Brown, Pages 79-81 in Historic Plymouth Avenue in the Kleinhans Neighborhood

Symphony Circle

See also: Kleinhans Music Hall Watercolor by Dr. V. Roger Lalli/Narrative by D. Rote (online Oct. 2015)

Special thanks to Manager Kristen Carlson and Building Services Coordinator Barbara Borzillieri for their cooperation and assistance in 2003
Color photos and their arrangement 2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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