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Delaware Park Bridge
Buffalo, New York

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Pan-Am postcard showing entrance lions.

C. 1900 photograph




Different lighting conditions



1901, in time for the Pan-Am Expostion.
Built by the City of Buffalo to replace a wood and iron bridge. The city also rebuilt the Casino and boathouse.

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Original name:

Bridge of the Three Americas


Venetian. The casino was also rebuilt in the same style. The Pan-Am featured a "Venetian lagoon," i.e., Hoyt Lake (formerly named Delaware Park Lake) which was dredged to make it suitable for canoes and, of course, gondolas.


Two white lions at each bridge entrance were temporary, like all the buildings except the New York State Building (now the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society Museum).

There are 6 stone heads that function as keystones on either side of the three arches.

On the side facing the Casino, the two outer heads represent Native Americans, and the middle one an idealized head representing Buffalo.

On the other side, the heads represent the three doges (grand dukes) of Venice: Dandolo, Michaeli, and Morosini.

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