Charles W. Miller House
172 Summer St., Buffalo, NY

C. 1879
Italian Villa Style

Charles W. Miller of the C. W. Miller Transfer Co. built this house in 1887. Miller was the owner of a livery business and from this "high ground" on Summer Street could watch for his horse-drawn cabs from a four-windowed widow's walk featured in the building.

The house
, which is near Dealaware Avenue and adjacent to the Westminster Presbyterian Church property was sold in 1921 to Stephen Spaulding, owner of the Spaulding Coal and Coke Co. and distributor of the widely known "blue coal."

In 1948, the house was sold to Dr. L. Halliday Meisburger, D.D.S., whose son, Dr. L. Halliday Meisburger Jr., also a dentist was the next owner. The current owner (2002) is John Cart, D.D.S.

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Italian villa style: Three-story tower

Italian villa style:

Italian villa style:

  • Low-pitched roof
  • Widely overhanging eaves
  • 3-story square tower
  • Paired Italianate scroll pendant brackets

Paired Italianate brackets

Paired front doors with rounded transom

Reception hall fireplace and stairs

Reception hall fireplace: Egg-and-dart

Fireback and andirons

Reception hall

Reception hall

Reception hall

Wallpaper mural

Detail from previous photo

Leaded glass windows in hall stairway wall

Second floor door

Reception hall door

Wallpaper mural

Text source: "Area Landmarks: 172 Summer Street," by Lawrence McIntyre, pub. in the Buffalo News

Special thanks to owner John Cart, D.D.S. for his cooperation and assistance

Photos and their arrangement 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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