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A classical frieze ornament having a spiral form resembling a loosely rolled parchment, either

C scroll: A "C" curved design.  C-and S-scrolls were essential elements of Rococo ornament, especially in frames around cartouches or inscripti.

S scroll: An "S" curved design. An alternate name for an ancone.

Scroll saw: a hand or power saw with a narrow ribbonlike blade for cutting curved or irregular shapes.
In the 19th century, the Victorians used scroll saws for the cutting of fretwork. See photos and explanation of a large treadle lathe and scroll saw. See also: photo of hand crank scroll saw and photo of antique treadle powered scroll saw.


Scroll buttress

Vitruvian scroll

Flemish scroll


An S or C curved design

A spiraling and convoluting line, like a rolled piece of paper, makes the scroll

An artistic invention in ornamentation, used with acanthus leaves, laurel oak, ivy, and wheat.

Cabriole leg - an S-shaped scroll

Bonnet top / Swan's neck pediment - 2 shaped curves ending in spirals (volutes)

Flemish scroll: An S or C curved ornamental form in which a scroll is broken by an angle. Used in Flemish Renaissance furniture and also in the English Carolean (Charles I or II) and William and Mary styles.

Flemish leg: C-scroll shape terminating in a spiral foot

C-scroll foot used in Late Classical style

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