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Buffalo from the City Hall Observation Deck
Buffalo, NY

The narrowness of the upper part of the tower prevents the elevators from reaching beyond the 25th floor, from which one must climb stairs to the 28th floor to reach the observation deck. At this floor, there are doors leading to the outside, which open onto a narrow exterior gallery, formed by the setback of the dome above the red and yellow terracotta crown encircling the dome.

The Observation Deck of the City Hall is the only place where the general public is allowed to go outside, into the air, high above the streets, and obtain a 360 degree panoramic view of the entire city and its setting. City Hall is the best place for this view, since it is at the center of Joseph Ellicott's radial street plan.

At the time of City Hall's completion fears were voiced that the observation deck would be a tempting stage for suicide artists. Over the years there have been occasional attempts, some successful.

Perhaps the most macabre leap was that of Robert Leroy Wayne Jackson in 1976.  Jackson plummeted some 300 feet before impaling himself on the flagpole over the building's entrance.

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Liberty Bank Building

Niagara Mohawk Building (1913)

St. Louis Church

Statler Towers

Hutch-Tech High School

Prospect Avenue Baptist Church

Central Terminal

Rand Building ...
Liberty Bank/Liberty Building

Central Library, Lafayette Square

M& T Bank

Guaranty Building, County Hall

Marine Drive Apts in right foreground

General MIlls

Buffalo Lighthouse

Adam's Mark Hotel

County Hall

Ward Pumping Station

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