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Black Rock and Riverside
East Side
Kensington / Bailey
North Park and Parkside and Central Park
South Buffalo and South Park
West Side

Black Rock and Riverside

Black Rock - LINKS

Riverside Park Historic District

Architecture links - Black Rock and Riverside

Architecture/History - Grant-Ferry-Forest Neighborhood: Intensive Level Historic Resources Survey

History -
Grant / Amherst by James Napora

History - Riverside by James Napora Centers on the intersection of Tonawanda and Ontario Streets. Vulcan Street runs along the northern edge of this area of Northwest Buffalo.


Architecture links - Downtown

Niagara Square Photos, history, architectural analysis.

Cobblestone Historic District

Joseph Ellicott Historic District

Theatre Historic District

History - Downtown Buffalo by James Napora Centers on Main Street from Goodell Street to the Buffalo River. Within this two mile area are three separate centers: the Theater District in the north, the civic and commercial center around Niagara and Lafayette Squares, and the Waterfront area at the south end.

East Side

Kensington / Bailey

Architecture links - Kensington / Bailey

History - University Heights by James Napora
Centers on Main Street from Niagara Falls Blvd. south to LaSalle Avenue.

History - Bailey-Kensignton Area From Buffalo Architecture: A Guide

History - Bailey/Kensington North by James Napora Kensington: Centers on Kensington Avenue from Main Street to the city line at Cheektowaga. Bailey Avenue is an important north-south street in the neighborhood. The "33" (Kensington) Expressway cuts this large district in half.

History - Bailey/Kensington South by James Napora

North Park and Parkside and Central Park

Boundaries:  Parkside, Central Park, and North Park

Central Park:  Architecture links - Central Park, North Park and Parkside

Central Park:  James Napora,  History of Central Park and Parkside

Central Park: Lewis J. Bennett / Central Park History

Central Park:  Depew Avenue

Central Park:  Morris Avenue

Central Park:  Belt Line Railroad Amherst/Starin Station


North Park:   North Buffalo Boundaries

North Park:  Architecture links - North Park, Central Park,  and Parkside

North Park:   James Napora,  History of North Park

North Park:  Gregory Stein, 'Buffalo Doubles': Industrial Vernacular Style

Architecture links - Parkside

Parkside:  James Napora,  History of Central Park and Parkside

Parkside:  Anne Putman, History of Parkside

Parkside:  Parkside Community Association, History of Parkside  (online August 2014)

Parkside:  Living Places:  Parkside West Historic District Nomination  Excerpts (online Jan. 2012)

Living Places:  Parkside East Historic District Nomination  Excerpts (online August 2014)

Parkside:  Belt Line Railroad Amherst/Starin Station

South Buffalo and South Park

Cazenovia Park - South Park System - Table of Contents

Triangle Neighborhood Historic Resources Intensive Level Survey Boundaries: Cazenovia Creek / Amber Street / South Park Avenue and Southside Parkway / Hopkins Street, Lilac Street, and the former Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad line. On City of Buffalo Website

Architecture links - Waterfront

History -'Buffalo Doubles': Industrial Vernacular Style by Gregory Stein

Photos -
Canal District 1910-1925 from the collection of Ronald R. Dukarm

History - First Ward and the Valley James Napora First Ward: Centers on South Park Avenue. The I-90 Thruway runs along the northern side, and the Buffalo River forms the southern boundary of this industrial district.

Architecture links and History - Grain Elevators

History -
South Buffalo - Seneca Street by James Napora

History - South Buffalo - South Park/Abbott Road by James Napora

Architecture links -
South Buffalo and South Park South Buffalo: Centers on the area south of the Buffalo River. A large district, it extends to the Lackawanna city line on the south; to South Park Avenue on the west; and to the eastern side of Cazenovia Park on the east. .

West Side

Grant-Ferry-Forest Neighborhood Historic Resources Intensive Level Survey Boundaries: Niagara River / Elmwood Avenue /Forest Avenue from Elmwood to Grant Street / Sqajaquada Creek On City of Buffalo Website

Architecture links - Elmwood Village Museum District

Architecture links - West Village

Architecture links and History - Forest Lawn Cemetery

Architecture links - West Side

Allentown Historic District

Delaware Historic District


Buffalo Park and Parkway System

See also: A Short History of Buffalo by Susan M. Pollack

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