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bell ve DEER

A small, roofed structure (usually square) on the top of a house designed to command a view

Especially in Europe: An open-sided roofed terrace, usually at the top of a building, with a commanding or interesting view of a town square, formal garden, or landscape; it often assumes the form of a loggia, or open gallery.

Etymology: two Italian words, bel, which means "beautiful," and vedere, which means "view." The term has been used in English since the 1570s.

An important feature on some Italianate buildings

Cupola: a dome-shaped ornamental structure located on top of a larger roof or dome

Gazebo: a structure, as an open or latticework pavilion or summerhouse, built on a site that provides an attractive view; a small roofed structure that is screened on all sides, used for outdoor entertaining and dining.

Examples from Buffalo architecture:

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