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Brick companies - Buffalo, NY
Buffalo Brick Corp.
Miscellany: WWI Soldier  /  1832  /  Guaranty Building  /   Margaret St. John House

Most bricks have been shellacked and color-highlighted

Acme Shale Brick Co.

Acme Shale Brick Co.
Location: Pleasant Avenue in Hamburg
Pulverized shale was used to make bricks.

Acme Shale Brick Co.
Location: Pleasant Avenue in Hamburg
Pulverized shale was used to make bricks.
Lawrence Balcom Co

Lawrence Balcom Co., Buffalo

Business on Elm & Goodell
Plant on Main and Ferry
This brick used in houses on Niagara Street near Ferry (near Rich Products Corp. today)
In 1840, Lawrence lived at 313 Elm St
In 1847, Lawrence lived on Maple & Goodell
In 1856, Lawrence lived at Main & Ferry
In 1866, son, Philo, joined the firm
Philo lived on Niagara Square

. See Historic Significance of 89 Niagara Street
Name "Balcom Street" is connected with the company

Charles Berrick & Sons

Ad in the Buffalo Directory


Brush Co. 

Co. owned by Mayor Alexander Brush who came to Buffalo in 1848 from Jewettville area; retired 1890; died 1892; buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery.
Brick at left (BB): Brush Bros. Alexander had two brothers: William and William H.
In 1856, Brush & 3 sons had brick yard on Bailey Ave.
In 1891, the company was owned by Charles Berrick, Hakes, E. Coatsworth, Brush .

In 1879-1882, the largest manufacturer of bricks in northeast; over a million bricks a year.
Offices located on Swan and Mohawks Streets, Buffalo.
Plant located at Clinton near Bates, Buffalo .

Bricks found at railroad station on Tonawanda and Niagara Streets.
Second brick (BSUSH) is misspelled - should be BRUSH. Misspellings were not unusual due to the high rate of illiteracy.

Brick at far right: Made by Brush & Schmidt Co, Jewettville. This brick was used in Fr. Baker's Orphanage, Lackawanna (built 1887; demolished c. 1996)


Buffalo Brick Corp.

Made by Buffalo China
Salesman souvenir
5" wide

Henry Dietschler Co.

Henry Dietschler Co., Buffalo
Offices on Clinton St. There were major clay deposits on Clinton St. Several brick companies had plants on Clinton.

F. W. Haake

Hall & Son

Hall & Sons

Imported clay from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Offices on Niagara and Tonawanda Streets (site of Fedders Air Conditioning Co. plant today).

"The manufacture of fire-brick was established in Buffalo by the late Edward J. Hall, in 1866, as a branch of the business of A. Hall & Sons, at Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Within a year or two it became an independent business, conducted by Mr. Hall during his life, and still continued, in the administration of his estate, with C. M. Helmer as its manager, and under the name of Hall & Sons. The location of the plant has always been, as now, at the corner of Tonawanda Street and West Avenue, in Black Rock. With a thorough practical knowledge of the manufacture and much executive ability, Mr. Hall organized a plant that is noted for the quality of its output. In the past fifteen years it has been largely rebuilt and extended. Modern machinery has been put in and the capacity of the works about doubled." - A History of Buffalo: Delineating the Evolution of the City (1911)

Brick found at demolished Fort Tompkins site on Niagara Street

Horace Hunt Co.

Horace Hunt Co., Buffalo

Horace Hunt Co., Buffalo

J. Mumm

J. Mumm was a Buffalo road construction company
which had its name included in bricks it purchased from a brick company(ies?).
C. 1910

Queen City

No information on this company

Schusler & Co.


Star Brick Co.

Star Brick Co.

Plant on Pavement Road in Lancaster.
This brick was popular among children. The star-shaped indentations, filled with molten fishing-sinker lead and backed with a pin, made sheriffs badges for generations of pint-sized cowboys.

Center: WWI soldier.
Brick brand made by "M. C." in 1916 in Buffalo
(White color added for visual clarity)
Brick found on Clinton Street near Clinton-Bailey Market in a dump

1832 (year Buffalo was chartered as a city)
Hand made brick, sun dried and placed in kiln for short time.
Brick found on Catherine Street, near the Buffalo River

Guaranty Building, Buffalo, NY
Fire damaged brick. Both sides illustrated.

Margaret St. John House unmarked brick

Photos and their arrangement 2012 Chuck LaChiusa
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