H(enry) H(obson) Richardson in Buffalo, N.Y.

In general:

H. H. Richardson: Biography and Work

Richardsonian Romanesque Style

Cynthia Van Ness, Buffalo's Other Big-Name Architect: H.H. Richardson

H.H. Richardson on the National Register of Historic Places


Buffalo:  Richardson Olmsted Complex - Table of Contents   Originally named the NY State Insane Asylum

Buffalo:  Francis R. Kowsky, William Dorsheimer House

Buffalo:  William Dorsheimer House

Buffalo:   William H. Gratwick House DEMOLISHED

Buffalo:   Proposed Design for a Civil War Memorial in Buffalo Not built

Buffalo:    Francis R. Kowsky, H.H. Richardson's Project for the Young Men's Association Library in Buffalo Not built

Boston, Massachusetts: Trinity Church, Boston

North Easton, Massachusetts:   Francis R. Kowsky, Ames Gate Lodge 

North Easton, Massachusetts:  Oakes Ames Memorial Hall

North Easton, Massachusetts:  Oliver Ames Library

Albany, NY:   Albany City Hall

Chicago, IL:  Glessner House

Palmer, MA: Union Station

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