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Boat House, The Park
(Now Delaware Park), Buffalo, NY

Designed by Calvert Vaux
Enlarged soon after construction
Demolished in

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Calvert Vaux.
"Vaux" rhymes with "talks"

Boat House

Boat House

Boat House


Source: American Memory - Library of Congress

Source: "Buffalo Illustrated:
Commerce, Trade and Industries of Buffalo."
Buffalo: The Courier Printing Company, 1890

Source: Author's collection


In 1868 Olmsted, Vaux and Company designed a park system for Buffalo, NY. It was the first plan for an interconnected park system to be implemented by an American city.

Vaux designed a boat house for The Park (now Delaware Park). He also designed several other structures for The Park:

For The Parade (now Martin Luther King, Jr. Park), Vaux designed the Refectory (also known as The Parade House) in 1875 (destroyed by fire, 1876.)

For The Front (now Front Park), Vaux designed the Music Stand in 1875 (not constructed.)

For an excellent account of how Olmsted & Vaux came to design the park system in Buffalo see Francis R. Kowsky's Municipal Parks and City Planning: Frederick Law Olmsted's Buffalo Park and Parkway System

For biographical information and additional Web pages on Calvert Vaux, see Calvert Vaux - A Chronology of Important Events in His Life

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