Olmsted Park and Parkway System
Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in Buffalo, NY

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The Olmsted Park and Parkway System is listed on the National Register of Historic Properties and is a designated Local Historic District. See Historic Districts (below) for more information

By contract with the City of Buffalo, maintenance of the Buffalo Olmsted Park System is undertaken by the  Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy (online March 2015). See also the Conservancy's Buffalo Olmsted Park System: Plan for the 21st Century (online March 2015).

The Olmsted Park and Parkway System is comprised of Parks, Parkways, Avenues, and Circles





Delaware Park (The Park)

Front Park (The Front)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Park
(The Parade; Humboldt Park)

Cazenovia Park

Riverside Park

South Park

Bennett Park
Bidwell Parkway

Cazenovia Parkway

Chapin Parkway

Humboldt Parkway (lost)

Lincoln Parkway

McKinley Parkway

Red Jacket Parkway
"Fillmore Avenue was actually built in 1873. It was 200 ft wide, had RR crossings at grade level, many taverns and business as well as livestock. The business owners were asked to cleanup the area to make it a nice residential area, similar to Richmond Ave, but they declined." - Martha Neri, Jan. 2019

Porter Avenue

Richmond Avenue (The Avenue)
Colonial Circle (Bidwell Place)

Ferry Street Circle

Gates Circle (Chapin Place)

South Park Circle

McKinley Circle

McClellan Circle

Soldier's Circle (Soldier's Place)

Symphony Circle (The Circle)

Buffalo Park and Parkway System

Survey of Buffalo's Olmsted Parks Summer 1979 For National Register of Historic Places Nomination

The Best Planned City: The Olmsted Legacy in Buffalo 5 essays. 1992 Burchfield Penney Art Center catalog reprint:

Charles Beveridge, Frederick Law Olmsted's Vision for Buffalo
Francis R. Kowsky,  
Calvert Vaux and the Architecture of Buffalo's Parks

Arleyn Levee,
The Olmsted Firm in Buffalo: The Next Generation

Charles Schuyler, Cityscape and Parkscape

Jack Quinan, A Wright House in an Olmsted Landscape

Charles Beveridge, Buffalo's Park and Parkway System

S. M. Broderick, Olmsted Parks in Buffalo

Anthony O. James,  List of All Buildings in the Olmsted Parks

Francis R. Kowsky, Municipal Parks and City Planning: Frederick Law Olmsted's Buffalo Park and Parkway System

Jennifer Walkowski, The Olmsted Parkway System and the Suburbanization of Buffalo

Frederick Law Olmsted Essay posted on the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy Web site

1871-1892 Buffalo Park Commissioners Annual Reports

1896 Buffalo Map

Courtesy of Lee Oprea

Frederick Law Olmsted

Parkside -Table of Contents The Parkside District was designed by Olmsted

Frederick Law Olmsted and the Niagara Reservation
by Francis R. Kowsky

Planning the Niagara Reservation
, by Charles E. Beveridge

A Wright House in an Olmsted Landscape
, by Jack Quinan

Vita: Frederick Law Olmsted - Brief life of the first landscape psycho-architect: 1822-1903 July-August Harvard Magazine, by Michael Sperber

Poster of Frederick Law Olmsted

Ames Gate Lodge, North Easton, Massechusetts
by Francis R. Kowsky


Calvert Vaux
Country, Park & City: The Architecture and Life of Calvert Vaux 1824-1895,
by Francis R. Kowsky Excerpt on Amazon.com

Calvert Vaux: The Unsung Hero of Landscape Architectur
by Francis R. Kowsky

Calvert Vaux: A Chronology of Important Events in His Life

Calvert Vaux and the Architecture of Buffalo's Parks
by Francis R. Kowsky

Boat House, The Park

Casino, The Front

Staatsburgh, NY: Lydig Munson Hoyt House - "The Point"
by Francis R. Kowsky

Staatsburgh, NY: Lydig Munson Hoyt House Text by Calvert Vaux

Historic Districts

State and National: The Olmsted Park and Parkways System was listed in the National Register of Historic Properties, March 30, 1982.

State and National: Nominations (text, photos)
Click on "Basic Criteria" and pull down "County" to " Erie."
Then click on "Results."

State and National: National Register of Historic Places: Erie County
Official listing

Local: A Designated Local Preservation District, approved October 1, 1985, by the City of Buffalo Common Council

Park System map

1896 Buffalo Map

Buffalo Historic Districts, in general:

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