Landmarks and Historic Districts in Buffalo - Table of Contents

MAP - Local Historic Districts

Historic Districts in Buffalo, NY -
As of July 2016
Information provided by Christopher Hawley, Planner, Buffalo Preservation Board





Allentown - LOCAL

Allentown - STATE & NATIONAL

Cazenovia Park-South Park System
South Park, NW along McKinley Pkwy. to Cazenovia Park, NW along McKinley Pkwy. to Heacock Park

Cazenovia Park-South Park System - STATE & NATIONAL


Cobblestone - LOCAL


Delaware Avenue
W side of Delaware Ave. between North and Bryant Sts.

Delaware Avenue- LOCAL

Delaware Avenue - STATE & NATIONAL

Delaware Park - Front Park System
Front Park, Porter Ave. to Symphony Cir., N along Richmond Ave., Bidwell Pkwy., Gates Cir. and Delaware Park


Delaware Park - Front Park System - STATE & NATIONAL

500 Block of Main

500 Block of Main - LOCAL

Forest Lawn Cemetery
1411 Delaware Ave.


Forest Lawn Cemetery - STATE & NATIONAL

Hamlin Park

Hamlin Park - LOCAL

Hamlin Park - STATE & NATIONAL

Joseph Ellicott

Joseph Ellicott - LOCAL


King, Martin Luther, Jr. Park
Roughly bounded by Northampton St., E. Parade Ave., Best St. and Kensington Expressway, Buffalo

Martin Luther King, Jr. Park - - STATE & NATIONAL


Linwood - LOCAL


Market Square

Olmsted Park and Parkways

Olmsted Park and Parkways - LOCAL

Olmsted Park and Parkways STATE & NATIONAL

Parkside East
Roughly bounded by Parkside Ave., Amherst St., Colvin Ave., NY Central RR tracks, Main St., and Humboldt Ave., Buffalo


Parkside East - STATE & NATIONAL

Parkside West
Roughly bounded by Amherst St., Nottingham Terr., Middlesex Rd., and Delaware Ave.


Parkside West - STATE & NATIONAL

Pierce Arrow Factory Complex
Elmwood and Great Arrow Aves.


Pierce Arrow Factory Complex - STATE & NATIONAL

Riverside Park
Roughly bounded by Vulcan, Tonawanda, Crowley, and Niagara St.

Riverside Park - STATE & NATIONAL


Theater - LOCAL


Upper Black Rock
Upper Black Rock - LOCAL

West Village
Roughly bounded by S. Elmwood Ave., Chippewa, Georgia, Prospect, Carolina and Tracy Sts., Buffalo

West Village - LOCAL

West Village - STATE & NATIONAL

Special thanks to the City of Buffalo Preservation Board, especially Alison Fleischmann in 2003, for their assistance.

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