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The Black Friar Pub
174 Queen Victoria Street, London, England

The Priory of the Dominicans occupied this site from 1279 to 1539. Because of their black habits, they were known as the "Blackfriars."

The pub was built in 1875, but it was remodeled by the architect H. Fuller Clark and acquired its exquisite facade and spectacular interior. The sculptor was Henry Poole.

The pub was due for demolition in the early sixties, but the public outcry saved by the building.

Americans classify the architecture and art as Arts & Crafts; the English view it as Art Nouveau.

The pub's name is proudly displayed in mosaic tiles




The interior was designed by the Royal Academy sculptor Henry Poole

Above the bar.
Mosaic that echoes the bronze bas-relief with the same subject matter above the bar inside

Above the bar: detail

Above the bar: detail from previous photo. Note Art Nouveau-carved support brackets

The bas-relief bronze called "Saturday Afternoon" shows the monks gathering grapes and harvesting apples

Above the fireplace, a large bas-relief bronze depicts frolicking friars singing carols and playing instruments

Windows to the right of the bar

Detail: stained glass window

The walls, clad in green and red marble, are covered with illustrations of merry monks.

Side room off the bar

Side room off the bar

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