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The Arts and Crafts (Craftsman) Style
1860-1930 (American: 1905-1930)

5.1.10 Craftsman/ Bungalow

The Craftsman style became the dominate style for smaller houses constructed throughout the country in the first decades of the twentieth-century. Developing as a response to the chaotic ornamentation of the Victorian-era which dominated the late nineteenth-century, the Craftsman movement emphasized the beauty of natural materials such as wood, stone and metals. The American Craftsman movement drew heavily on the ideals of the British Craftsman movement, founded by William Morris in the 1860s, who promulgated a return to hand-made and traditional production in response to the mechanization of the Industrial Revolution and the diminished role of worker as craftsman.

In architecture, the Craftsman style was influenced by several sources. It was initially utilized in the design of rustic cottages and resorts, imitating or inspired by vernacular architecture and log cabins. Other influences to the style came from the interest in exotic cultures during the late 1800s, such as Oriental and Indian art and architecture. Some influence from the roughly contemporary Prairie Style (which originated in the Chicago area) may also be seen in the style.

By the early twentieth-century, the Craftsman style had been translated into affordable, smaller houses which generally were called bungalows. This new bungalow house became extremely popular, and proliferated throughout the country in residential neighborhoods in the early twentieth-century.

 - Clinton Brown Company Architecture/Rebuild: High & Locust Streets Historic District Nomination, Sec 5,p. 2

Arts & Crafts Houses in Buffalo

Hannah Bachman, Craftsman Houses

Elbert Hubbard and the Roycrofterss
Gustav Stickley
Charles Rohlfs and Anna Katharine Green
Prairie Houses
American Foursquare Style
Examples of Arts & Crafts Stained Glass in Buffalo
Tudor Revival
(not universally classified as Arts & Crafts)

Colonial Revival
(not universally classified as Arts & Crafts)

Art Nouveau
(not universally classified as Arts & Crafts)

Arts & Crafts Movement in England

Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement,
St. Petersburg, FL

Arts & Crafts Furniture:

Mission style furniture

Aesthetic Movement


Arts & Crafts Stained Glass:

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