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The McVeigh House
3410 Harvard, Dallas, Texas
Craftsman Bungalow

An extended Craftsman bungalow with a "popped up" second floor, assuring a separate insulating attic space above the ceiling.

Although the house is built of brick (painted beige), the porch piers are made of small stream boulders that lend a rustic appearance.

The roof is composed of offset half-timbered front gables with a side-gabled extension of the front porch.

Oversized rafters and eaves brackets are typical Bungalow features.

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1 1/2 story house
... Gently pitched broad

Piers extend to ground level

Triple gabled roofs ...

Cutout bracket (triangular knee brace

Small stream boulders lend a rustic appearance

Cross gables

Living room gas fireplace

Glazed tile

2 corner rosette-shaped pateras


Special thanks to Elise and Daniel McVeigh for their cooperation and assistance
Photos and their arrangement © 2002 Chuck LaChiusa.
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