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Exterior - Buffalo Seminary
205 Bidwell Parkway, Buffalo, NY

2016 photo




George F. Newton


Jacobean Revival / Tudor Revival / Collegiate Gothic

Buffalo Female Academy founded 1851   ...  Renamed Buffalo Seminary in 1889

Drawing by architect George E. Newton   ...   School opened in 1909

Facade - North Elevation - Bidwell Parkway

Photos taken between 2004-2017

Terra cotta  ornamentation, including C scroll buttresses

Terra cotta  finial

Terra cotta trefoil motif

Terra cotta  compound arch and stylized faces

Bas-relief faces

Terra cotta

Capital detail below:

Cast iron Ionic capital

Pier buttresses - a typical Gothic style feature

Window tracery

Crenelated 1-story wing 

Detail below:

Terra cotta trefoil motif

South elevation - Potomac Avenue

Six bays

Finial on dome   ...   Terra cotta blind battlement

Terra cotta compound arch with label stops  ...   Five trefoils    ...   Indiana(?) limestone

Terra cotta  compound arch with foliate ornaments

Terra cottaHoodmold with label stops   ...   Gibbs surround

Note diamond pattern brick work (detailed below:)

Special thanks to the administration for their cooperation, and especially to Nancy Miller and Gary Sutton for their assistance in 2004.
Special thanks to Buffalo Seminary Director of Communications Erin Kelly for her assistance in 2017.

Photos and their arrangement 2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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