St. Joseph's RC New Cathedral (Demolished 1976)
1013 Delaware Avenue at West Utica (northeast corner), Buffalo, NY

Victor Shanchuk, 1975 Photos

Edward T. Dunn, Illustrated History - New Cathedral. Includes photos of the Colton House. Both buildings demolished

Remnants - Stained glass windows from the New Cathedral in the Blessed Mother's Chapel, St. Joseph's RC Old Cathedral

Remnant - The Oishei Bell in Forest Lawn - One of the 43-bell carillon purchased by Bishop Timon

Remnants photo - New Cathedral cross on display in St. Joseph's Park near St. Joseph's RC Old Cathedral There is an identical cross in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo - and at the Forest Lawn-owned Lakeside Cemetery in Hamburg



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St. Joseph's (Old) Cathedral 50 Franklin St.
1851-55; Patrick Keeley, architect
Bishop's Residence
1033(?)  Delaware Avenue
Ryan: 2nd bishop of Buffalo
Moved 200' for Cathedral
Blessed Sacrament Chapel 1029 Delaware Avenue
1887; Albert A Post, architect
1909 moved 300' [200'?]  for Cathedral and enlarged
Knox House 1035 Delaware Avenue
1904; E E Joralemon of Niag Falls, NY, architect
St. Joseph's New Cathedral 1013 Delaware Avenue at West Utica
1912-15; Aristides Leonori of Rome, architect
Demolished: 1976

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