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2007 - Folsom House
168 Edward Street, Buffalo, New York





Historical significance:

Birth home of Frances Folsom (Cleveland)


Allentown Preservation Distric

Edward Street which, with Trinity, forms the Allentown Preservation District's southern boundary also marked the southern end of Judge Ebenezer Walden's vast Allentown land holdings.

The couple [Oscar and Emma Folsom] lived in a number of boarding houses while his career was getting started, not being able to afford anything more. However, in 1864 they occupied the house at 168 Edward Street, a quiet side street off Elmwood Avenue, in Buffalo where Frank [Frances] was born.

Oscar built the sturdy red brick house in 1863 in anticipation of the birth of his first child. The house stood in Allentown (an area of Buffalo), named after Lewis F. Allen, who was a wealthy businessman, farmer, and orchard developer, and who was also Grover Cleveland's uncle. Oscar was Grover Cleveland's law partner who died in a carriage accident on July 23, 1875,

At age 21 (1886) , Oscar's daughter, Frances, would marry Grvoer Cleveand and become the youngest First Lady in history.

2007 photos - before the historic signage

Note parking lot to the right (west) of the Immaculate Conception Church, 146 Edward Street
No. 164
No. 168, Folsom House
No. 172

No. 164 at left ... No. 168, Folsom House at right

No. 164 atleft ... No. 168, Folsom House ... No. 172 ... No. 176

No. 168, Folsom House at left.
No. 172 - Italianate style probably identical to 168 originally

No. 168, Folsom House at left ... No. 172

No. 168, Folsom House ...  Italianate style

Typical paired Italianate style brackets.
Contrast the rounded windows under the eaves (probably original) to the squared off lights with filled in rounded arches (certainly not original).

Typical, paired Italianate brackets and Italianate rounded windows. Orange brick is also typical of Italianate style houses.

Not original: Transom lights, squared off lights with filled in rounded arches, full-length porch and balustrade

Not original: Transom lights

East side of the house: probably 2 additions, both marked by lower roof line

East side of the house

Rear of No. 164 is a parking lot

Looking north across the street on Edward Street: Adult Learning Center (PS No. 46).
Note inappropriate light standard at left, suited better to a highway.

Medina, NY.
Note the historical plaque commemorating where Frances Folsom lived for a few years.

To Buffalo's shame, there is no plaque in front of No. 168 Edward, Frances's birthplace and childhood home when this photo was taken in 2007.

2007 photo

Photos and their arrangement 2007 Chuck LaChiusa
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