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Sanctuary - St. Ann's RC Church
Broadway at Emslie Street, Buffalo, NY

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Nave and sanctuary

Gothic Revival High Altar, dedicated to St. Ann

1927 wood High Altar

High Altar

High Altar - wood panel

High Altar - wood panel

High Altar - wood panel

High Altar

High Altar

High Altar

High Altar

High Altar



Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane

Transept to right

Sanctuary: The immediate area around the principal altar

"To the best of my knowledge, both the main altar and the pulpit were from a firm named Halstreick of Rochester, New York. I have been told that the main altar has no screws in it; everything is doweled.:" - David Snyder

The Sanctuary
Reprinted from St. Ann's Church Official Home Page

The main altar is dedicated to Saint Ann, our patroness.

The altar, rising to a height of thirty-two feet, is completely doweled. It is adorned with 153 lights.

Eight angels minister at the altar: various cherubs and seraphs, and the archangels Michael and Raphael.

Six saints are represented in the altar: Saints Ignatius Loyola, Joachim, and Francis Xavier are on the viewerís left, and Saints Aloysius Gonzaga, Ann and Stanislaus Kostka are on the right.

Five reliefs adorn the front of the altar: The Pascal Lamb, Abrahamís Sacrifice, The Last Supper, The Offering of Bread and Wine by Melchisedech, and The Manna of the Desert.

There are five oil paintings behind the main altar.

Special thanks to Pastor Father James Joyce for his cooperation and parishioner Dave Hirschbine for his assistance

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