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Sarah Lovejoy

By Patrick Kavanagh
History of Women in Forest Lawn Lawn Cemetery

Section BB, Lot 35
Lot 35 Date of Death: 12/30/1813
(Pioneer; War of 1812)

Sarah Lovejoy, wife of Joshua, was killed when the British attacked Buffalo during the early morning of December 30, 1813.

It was reported she would not leave her home, nor surrender property to the attackers. It was reported by a neighbor, Mrs. St. John, who stated, "I was fearful she would provoke them to kill her." Then she spoke to Mrs. Lovejoy and told her, "Do not risk your life for property." Mrs. Lovejoy responded, "When my property goes, my life shall go with it."

Mrs. St. John stated that she saw an Indian pulling down the curtains in the Lovejoy house which Mrs. Lovejoy objected to, and allegedly attacked the hand of the invader with a knife.

The attacker allegedly raised his hatchet and struck Mrs. Lovejoy. The Lovejoy house was torched.

At this time, neighbors removed the body of Mrs. Lovejoy. The fire was doused and, with the help of Mrs. St. John, her daughter, and Judge Walden, her body was moved back into the house and laid on the bed, with her long black hair trailing.

On January 1, 1814, the British returned and again torched the Lovejoy house with Mrs. Lovejoy's remains inside. Mrs. St. John stated that Mr. Lovejoy returned and gathered her bones in a handkerchief and buried them.

In Section BB of Forest Lawn is the Lovejoy Family plot. Inscribed on the large stone is the following: "Sarah Johnson killed by the Indians at the burning of Buffalo, December 30, 1813." Very fitting.

However, 50 miles away, located in the Caledonia Mumford Cemetery on Flint Hill Road, there is a marker, with the following inscription: "Sara Johnson, wife of Joshua Lovejoy, Born October 21,1771, was killed by the Indians at the Burning of Buffalo, December 30, 1813." It was reported her remains were buried there in the same plot as her sister. Then who is in Forest Lawn? Or, who is in Mumford? A History Mystery. (Based on Forest Lawn Cemetery's records, it appears that the Forest Lawn marker is a cenotaph.)

Her house was located at what is 465 Main Street today.

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