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Margaret St. John
Margaret Kinsman Marsh St. John

Margaret St. John - Illustrations

Margaret St. John Cemetery Monument at Forest Lawn Cemetery

Margaret St. John, by Patrick Kavanagh

Clement Brick Museum Unmarked brick from Margaret St. John House

"A Family legend" (page 4, ff.) in Historic Plymouth Avenue in the Kleinhans Neighborhood by Christopher N. Brown

Sarah Lovejoy by Patrick Kavanagh

Recollections of the Burning of Buffalo and Events in the History of the Family of Gamaliel and Margaret St. John, by their daughter Mrs. Jonathan Sidway

Margaret St. John and the Burning of Buffalo, by Myrtilla Constantine Fosdick 1925 book excerpts

Photo -
Margaret St. John Cemetery monument at Forest Lawn Cemetery

The Early Buffalo Drawings of LeGrand St. John

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