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Forest Lawn Cemetery - Main Street Entrance Gate
Buffalo, NY
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Henry Osgood Holland
Died in 1925 and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Section 16.


McDonnell & Sons




Classical Revival  ..... Roman triumphal arch



Forest Lawn Cemetery Status:

National Register of Historic Places


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Note protruding cornice and keystone

Ancone keystone

Anthemion ornament


Ball symbolizes unending life

Originally built as a rest stop for visitors to the cemetery. Restored in 2001-02.

Lodge Doric column

Lodge east elevation Related page

Lodge interior.
Originally built as a rest stop for visitors to the cemetery. Restored in 2001-02.


Henry Osgood Holland
Source: "Men of Buffalo," Chicago: A. N. Marquis & Co, 1902

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Henry Osgood Holland died on this date in 1925.   Mr. Holland was a Buffalo architect.

In 1899, as preparation for the 1901 Pan-American Exposition began in earnest, Forest lawn Cemetery joined in the elaborate civic arrangements by sponsoring a contest to design a new entrance gate to be erected on Main Street at Delavan Avenue. There were 31 plans submitted by 29 separate architects, including Mr. Holland. On July 15, 1900, Henry Osgood Holland’s design was selected by the Forest Lawn Trustees as the winning entry.

His design featured an heroic triumphal Roman arch, symbolically representing the eternal hope that death be swallowed up in victory. It towers 40 feet spanning the entrance road and incorporates pavilion gatehouses on either side. The cost of the gate was $40,000, a substantial sum 100 years ago. The granite was supplied by McDonnell and Sons. The arch was officially dedicated in 1901 and was an often-visited site by patrons from the nearby Pan-American Exposition grounds.

Mr. Holland would also design a number of houses and Temple Beth El during his career. Henry Osgood Holland is buried in section 16 in Forest Lawn
- Forest Lawn Cemetery (online October 2020)

Watercolor by Dr. V. Roger Lalli

History by David Mott Rote

Photos and their arrangement 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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