Victoria Craw Sutherland

By Patrick Kavanagh
History of Women in Forest Lawn Lawn Cemetery

Section 1, Lot 60
Date of Death: 5/14/1902
(One of Septet - "Seven Sutherland Sisters")

Victoria was one of the renowned seven septets "Sutherland." The Sutherland sisters were destined to occupy the limelight from childhood. As children on their Lockport farm, the golden quality of their voices was known far and wide. A New York theatrical producer about to open a new theatre on Broadway induced the sisters to give a concert on opening night. From that time on their fame grew in leaps and bounds. They presented concerts throughout the State. When the seven girls sang, their voices blended together as one.

However, it was the loss of their father's hair that was destined to open a new channel for their activities. Perturbed by his thinning hair, Fletcher
Sutherland was determined to find a cure. Mr. Sutherland developed a cure that went on to bring the sisters fame and fortune for three decades. From theirearly childhood, they groomed their hair with their father's tonic and grew thick healthy heads of hair. Photographs of their flowing tresses, appearing like silken trains, were admired all over the country. Victoria's tresses reached a length of seven feet.

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