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Rand Building
14 Lafayette Square, Buffalo, New York

Construction end:



Franklyn & William Kidd; James W Kideney & Assoc.

(Rand House, also designed by the Kidds)

Construction firm:

John W. Cowper Company
Named after George F. Rand, Sr., former president of Marine Bank


Art Deco skyscraper
Height: 391 ft., 29 floors
Tallest Buildings in Buffalo (online October 2014)

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Dirigible mooring post


See also:  Christopher Gray, "Not Just a Perch for King Kong"  New York Times excerpt, related to Dirigible mooring post

Elevation photos
Elevation:  a particular side of a building
Photos taken between 2005-2017

Postcard   ...   Looking north (south elevation)  ...   To the left of the Rand Building is the 1876 Buffalo German Insurance Co. Building

Photo taken in 2008   ...     Looking north   ...   Note the plain top of the Tishman Building  ...   Top of the Soldiers & Sailors Monument

Photo taken in 2016   ...   Looking north from Lafayette Square ...  Note top of the Tishman Building:  in 2016 the Hilton Garden Inn

Looking west (east elevation)

 Photo taken in 2008   ...     Looking east  (west elevation) ...   William Hengerer Company / Lafayette Court Building   ...   Tishman Building   ...   Note the plain top of the Tishman Building    ...    Rectangular white building lower right: Western Savings Bank / Main Court Building

Looking northwest   ...   At rightWilliam Hengerer Company / Lafayette Court Building


Dirigible mooring post
2018 photos

Details, from the top down:


Photos taken between 2005-2017

Bottom of the "dirigible mooring mast"   ...   See excerpt from a New Times article


Monumental Art Deco style finials

Rosettes flanked by lotus flowers

Scrolled acanthus leaves

S Scrolls in spandrel panels

Dentils below stone sill

Art Deco main entrance   ...   Detail below:


Photos and their arrangement 2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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