Blessed Trinity RC Church - Table of Contents

Altars / Mosaics - Blessed Trinity RC Church
317 Leroy Avenue, Buffalo, NY

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Architects: Chester Oakley and Albert Schallmo


Sanctuary and west transept


Right side (west) aisle

Back of the church

Altar of the Blessed Virgin in the Lady Chapel

Sacred Heart right side altar

Detail of previous photo

Left (east) transept: rose window; mural of Virgin Mary

Detail of previous photo: "Assumption of Mary into Heaven"

Painting of Saint Mark on one of four pendentives supporting the cupola.

Detail of previous photo

A smaller circular painting of Saint Peter Claver

Barrel vaults, typically found in Romansesque churches.

Plaster coffered ceiling

Plaster coffered ceiling

Plaster coffered ceiling

Terra cotta ornamentation

Terra cotta ornamentation

Terra cotta ornamentation on altar railing; tile floor

Tile floor

Confessional, with Romanesque rounded arches.

Double doors leading to vestibule; terra cotta surround on top and sides

Wood cabinets (in previous photo)

Terra cotta holy water font in front of terra cotta door surround

Text source: "Guidebook to Blessed Trinity R.C. Church," by Rev. Walter Kern, 1976

Special thanks to Pastor George Reger for his cooperation and assistance
Photos and their arrangement 2003 Chuck LaChiusa..
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