Blessed Trinity RC Church - Table of Contents

Sanctuary / Dome / Choir Loft
Blessed Trinity RC Church

317 Leroy Avenue, Buffalo, NY

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The sanctuary is visually dominated by the large baldachino

Sanctuary reredos mural to left of main altar: one panel is a series of angels

Altar of Sacrifice and Tabernacle altar

Supporting terra cotta Corinthian columns of baldachino

Tympanum painting and terra cotta surround


  • Skylight
  • Plastered coffered ceiling
  • Baldachino

The skylight over the altar

Detail from previous photo

The Stairway to Heaven Dome

Detail of previous photo

Detail of previous photo

Cupola: Some of the nine choirs of angels in heaven

Cupola: Old and New Testament Saints

Cupola: the cave of Adam and Eve, with the Church on top of it.

Cupola: Old and New Testament Saints

Ornamented cupola support

Choir loft

Rose window detail

Rose window detail

Rose window detail

Rose window detail

Caption sources: "Guidebook to Blessed Trinity R.C. Church," by Rev. Walter Kern, 1976

Special thanks to Pastor George Reger for his cooperation and assistance
Photos and their arrangement 2003 Chuck LaChiusa..
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