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2002 Photos
Exterior - Spencer Kellogg Jr. House

128 Lincoln Parkway, Buffalo, New York




Green & Wicks


Tudor Revival


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2011 photo

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Photo taken from Delaware Park

1931 photo
when the house owner was Edwin Lang Miller

1931 photo

Architectural drawings of Tudor arched front door



Architectural drawings of eaves and gutter

Side door. Note Onondaga limestone

Architectural drawing of side door

Rear of house

Rear of house

Back yard cement wall. Pier buttress is in form of arch that is also found inside house

1911 Architectural plan detail

1913 printing of architectural plans

Spencer Kellogg Jr.

E. B. Green
Green & Wicks designed the house

Roof ad

Excerpts from
Spencer Kellogg & Sons, Inc., Observes 100th Anniversary
The Buffalo Times, June 26, 1924

A celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the connection of the Kellogg family with the linseed oil business was begun today by the officials and personnel of Spencer Kellogg & Sons, Inc. A sales convention which has brought representatives from the Argentine and other distant points is being held in conjunction with the observance.

The history and grown of the company was traced today by Howard Kellogg, president, in opening the first business session of the sales conference. Supplina Kellogg, grandfather of Spencer Kellogg, Sr., was the first member of the Kellogg family to enter the linseed oil business. He established a mill just 100 years ago in West Galway, near Amsterdam, N.Y.

The mill later was moved to Amsterdam by Lauren Kellogg, father of Spencer Kellogg, Sr. It was 30 years ago that Spencer Kellogg, Sr. founded the present great firm in Ganson Street, near the Michigan Avenue bridge. Through his energy and enterprise Buffalo became the largest linseed milling center in the United States. It is at present second only to New York.

Development Continues

The fourth generation of Kellogg are continuing to develop the industry. Even though Spencer Kellogg, Sr., has passed away, the firm he founded has steadily progressed until today it is recognized as one of the foremost in the linseed business.

Associated with Howard Kellogg are his brothers, Spencer Jr. and Donald, both of whom are vice-presidents

Spencer Kellogg Gains Ambition of His Life
Turns Out Artistic Book Printing From William Morris Hand Press at His Eden Studio.

The life ambition of Spencer Kellogg, Jr., wealthy clubman of this city, to be an artistic printer, has been realized at last, and a few days ago, the first work of printing on his "William Morris" hand-press was completed.

The press, on which Morris printed his most famous work, the "Kelmscott Chaucer," is installed in the modest little cottage called the Aries Press, furnished with charming American antiques, in Eden. Mr. Kellogg purchased the press five months ago, from Frederick W. Goudy of Marlboro, N.Y., the foremost type designer in the country. Mr. Goudy brought the press to this country about a year ago, having bought it from James Cuthrie in England.

His Life's Desire

To own a bookshop, and to own a hand-press - these were two desires of his life, Mr. Kellogg says. Four years ago, he had an opportunity to purchase the "William Morris" hand-press, but he was then in the throes of planning his Aries Book Shop, on Delaware Avenue and he could not combine the book-selling with book-printing. But after his book business began running smoothly, Mr. Kellogg journeyed to Marlboro, and persuaded Mr. Goudy to sell him the Morris press.

The press was used by Morris in 1897. Not because of its age, but because of its association, is the press he possesses so precious a thing to him, says Mr. Kellogg. In his little cottage, the press will not stand as a curiosity, Mr. Kellogg announces, but will be used in the furthering of artistic printing in America. Mr. Kellogg himself runs the press, pulling the lever, setting the type, reading and correcting proofs - being a real printer indeed.

The large front room of the Aries Press cottage is a library, furnished with old Colonial pieces made of white pine. There is a pipe rack and a bit of Staffordshire on the mantel, a hooked rug in soft colors, pewter jugs, a low table piled with books, and an open fireplace, in which there is a roaring blaze on cool winter evenings.

Mr. Kellogg, with his family, lives at the Eden home three or four days each week - and it is during that time that the Morris press is put to work and another bit of artistic printing is turned out.

Reprinted from
The Buffalo Artists' Register, Vol. 1 - 1926
Kellogg, Spencer, Jr.

Born in Amsterdam, N.Y., April 10, 1876, son of Spencer Kellogg and Jane Morris; home in buffalo and environs since 1879; married to Lida Deshler Wilson of Leavenworth, Kan., May 31, 1898; one daughter, Mrs. E. H. H. Roth; general education, Heathcote School, Buffalo; Lawerenceville, one year; Harvard University, 1898.

Art education - Private Instruction and a few months at the Art students League, New York City ; also at Buffalo School of fine arts .

First book designed and printed during the first year of Aries Press, was selected by jury of "American institute of Graphic Arts" as one of the" Fifty Books of the year," 1925 - 26.

Organizations - Director, two terms, of three years each, Buffalo Fine Arts Academy; was at one time President of Guild of Allied Arts; member, Grolier Club, American Institute of Graphic Arts, Buffalo Club.

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