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North Elevation
Buffalo Savings Bank
/ Goldome / M& T Bank Branch
545 Main Street, Buffalo, NY

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North elevation

Gold-leafed dome

Entrance surround

Southwest neighbor - Fleet Bank

North entrance

Guilloche pattern in metal

Guilloche pattern in metal

Left: Niagara Mohawk Building

Corinthian capitals atop pilasters

Pilaster base

Reflection of the gold-leafed dome in the 1982 addition

Reflection of Fleet Bank

The Dome
By Tom Buckham
Reprinted from The Buffalo News, march 1, 2001

The dome is 23 feet tall and 56 feet in diameter. It is covered with 13,500 terra-cotta tiles, meticulously engineered to interlock and overlap each other. Each of the 54 rows of tile differs in size from the row above or below it, and each tile is individually imprinted with a row and cast number.

The tiles originally were overlaid with copper, which took on a greenish hue. Three times since - 1954, 1979, and 1998 - the dome was gilded with pure gold. The last restoration took required 140,000 paper-thin sheets of 23.75-carat gold leaf and cost $500,000.

See drawing of dome being constructed taken from "Tee Gold Dome: An Architectural Profile," pub. by Goldome Bank

The North Wall
By Mike Schalk
July 2, 2002

he door frame that now sits in the middle of the north facade was removed and re-installed there when that section was removed for the large addition of 20 years ago.

I re-call the demolition of the brick commercial building on the north side of the main building in the mid-1960's and since that was there long before the rotunda, there had never been any granite facade against that building - only filler brick. Whatever was exposed when the 1967 building was torn down was a result of that adition. I have never felt that the treatment of the north wall in the 1980 project was esthetically pleasing to either building aand should have been something more simple.

Photos and their arrangement 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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