Niagara Square - Table of Contents

Buffalo City Hall
65 Niagara Square, Buffalo, NY
City Hall - Official Website

Local, State and National Landmark

On Buffalo Architecture and History Website:


John Conlin, Buffalo City Hall: Americanesque Masterpiece  Digitized 1993 book


City Hall Part of the "Buffalo's Best" series

Amelia J. Bedson, Buffalo City Hall: Stained Glass Conservations: Lessons From History


Facade - 2020 photos

Facade - 2003-2015 photos

East and West Friezes

Months Window Jambs

Cleveland and Fillmore Monuments   Sculptures by Bryant Baker

Photos from the Observation Deck - 2002

Photos from the Observation Deck - 2007

Four photos: City Hall from the Liberty Building



Lobby murals  By William de Leftwich Dodge

Common Council Chamber

Buffalo Mayors - The City Hall Portrait Collection

Katyn Memorial Copper plaque by Jozef Slawinski


Buffalo City Hall  By Lalli & Rote

1932 Buffalo Centennial poster

Drawing and watercolor of City Hall  By Carol Case Siracuse

City Hall: Fast Facts / Fun Facts

Dietel & Wade  City Hall architects

Niagara Square - Table of Contents

John W. Cowper House  (Cowper's company constructed City Hall) 
Photos and history

Art Deco
Illustrations, history, architecture

On other Websites:

HABS   (online July 2020) Includes 27 images, Manuscripts

City Hall History  by Tony DiNatale  (online July 2020)

Tallest buildings in Buffalo   (online July 2020)

Photos and their arrangement 2007 Chuck LaChiusa
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