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Buffalo City Hall
65 Niagara Square, Buffalo, NY
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Local, State and National Landmark

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City Hall Part of the "Buffalo's Best" series

Newspaper construction photos


2007 photos - Facade

2003-2015 - Facade

2008 - Cleveland and Fillmore Monuments   Sculptures by Bryant Baker

2008 - East and west friezes

2008 - Months window jambs

2002 - Photos from the Observation Deck

2007 - Photos from the Observation Deck

2011 - Four photos: City Hall from the Liberty Building


2007 photos - Lobby murals  By William de Leftwich Dodge

2002 - Lobby

2002 - Common Council Chamber

Buffalo Mayors - The City Hall Portrait Collection

Katyn  Memorial Copper plaque by Jozef Slawinski


1932 Buffalo Centennial poster

Drawing and watercolor of City Hall By Carol Case Siracuse

City Hall: Fast Facts / Fun Facts

Dietel & Wade, architects

Niagara Square - Table of Contents

John W. Cowper House (Cowper's Co. constructed City Hall)
Photos and history

Art Deco
Illustrations, history, architecture

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City Hall History  by Tony DiNatale  (online March 2015)

Tallest buildings in Buffalo   (online Dec. 2013)

Photos and their arrangement 2007 Chuck LaChiusa
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