Niagara Square
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Buffalo, NY

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#1 on map above
1923 Statler Hotel

1901 Castle Inn

1881 Hotel Fillmore

1853 John Hollister - Millard Fillmore House

#2 on map above

Walter J. Mahoney State Office Building

1852 Central High School

Burt House

#3 on map above
1936 Federal Court Building

#4 on map above

1924 One Niagara Square

#4 on map above
1924 Buffalo Athletic Club

Stephen G. Austin House

#5 on map above
1974 City Court Building

1836 Heman B. Potter House

Women's Union-Townsend Hall

#6 on map above
City Hall

Thayer brothers executed

Wilkeson Home

#7 on map above

89 Niagara, Balcom/Chandler House

1851 The People's Church / Niagara Square Baptist Church

Robert H. Jackson US Courthouse

#8 on map above
Parking Lot
Spencer Kellogg Co.

1836 Henry H. Sizer House

#9 on map above
McKinley Monument

Between ##8 and 1

H. H. Richardson's Proposed Design for a Civil War Memorial

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